The truth behind frequent lottery and bingo winners

There are basically two category of lottery players, the ones who play by ear and enjoy the game and those who try to take an analytical approach to the game. The same goes for bingo players, although in this case there are fewer people willing to invest a lot of time and energy to find a winning system. The Internet is full of books and guides that allegedly teach players how to improve their chances, but the vast majority of them are absolutely useless.frequent lottery and bingo winners

Even so, every now and then lottery officials discover with surprise that there are some people who win more often than others. Florida lottery announced recently that it discovered a strange thing about the game they run, with some players winning a lot of money over the last couple of years. They are not talking about lucky players who won the jackpot twice, but ones that collect rather small amounts often.

The investigation showed that more than 200 people won amounts that exceed $600 and the case of one Pompano Beach was particularly dubious. He won in excess of $700,000 from a total of 250 lottery tickets over just six years, which defies the odds. The most straightforward and reasonable explanation for this occurrence is that someone is cheating and this would not be the first case of criminal activity associated to lottery games.

Sometimes the clerks steal the tickets from unsuspecting clients, while on other occasions there are people who act as ticket cashers. The idea is to take the money themselves and then share it with the rightful winner, so the latter won’t have to pay any taxes, or child support. Criminal organizations are also big fans of ticket cashing, because this provides them with an excellent method of laundering money.

The lottery acknowledge the fact that they’ve been running their own investigation and several clerks were caught red-handed. They were sent to prison but no announcements were made, something that will change now in order to reassure the customers. This should also have a deterring effect on those who might be tempted to steal money, while addressing the issue of strange frequent winners.

Another measure that might help on the long run is developing a software that can monitor frequent winners, so that their identity will be known by the officials. The idea is to keep track of all these people, so whenever suspicions arise regarding their activity, they could be easily found and questioned by the authorities. Only time will tell whether Florida lottery will impose the same restrictions that similar organizations have, regarding the ability of lottery clerks to play the game.