Play bingo

If you like to play bingo then you’re in luck because the opportunities to play bingo have never been greater. It is true that a few local bingo sites have closed down in certain countries, but we are simultaneously witnessing a bingo revival where completely new demographic groups are realizing how entertaining this wonderful game of chance can be. As icing on the big bingo cake, there is also a long row of bingo sites available online where you can play bingo 24/7.

Playing bingo in bingo halls

Some bingo halls have bingo only, but it is also quite common for them to offer side games such as slot machines, video poker och scratch cards. Some bingo halls are even included in large gambling resorts with casino floor, poker room and more. It is largely the gambling laws of each country or state that limit which additional games that can be offered by local bingo halls. For reviews on bingo, lotto and other casino games, visit

One of the largest bingo halls in the world is found within the Foxwoods Resort in Connecticut, USA. It’s located on land belonging to the Native American Mashantucket Pequots and has room for 4,000 bingo players! Another bingo hall notable for its vast size is the one at the San Manuel Indian Bingo & Casino outside Los Angeles. Owned by the Serrano tribe of Native Americans, it can accommodate 2,500 bingo players at a time and is famous for offering not just ordinary bingo but high roller bingo as well. 2,500 bingo players is also what the Isleta Casino & Resort in New Mexico can handle. This resort is renowned for offering jackpot bingo with tens of thousands of dollars in the pot.

Drive-in bingo

Drive-in bingo is just like drive-in movie theaters. You and your fellow bingo aficionados drive your cars to the bingo place and enjoy playing bingo from the comfort of your own cars. When you get a bingo you don’t yell bingo – you honk your horn twice. Drive-in bingo establishments usually have big number displays that makes it easy to see the called numbers even if your car is parked at some distance from the front row. When drive-in bingo is arranged by sports clubs, churches and other non-profit organizations, soft drinks and snacks will usually be sold to bring in even more money to the good cause. If you’re lucky – and state laws allow – there will even be home made baked goods available for hungry bingo players.

Bingo on water

If you wish to play bingo on water, grab your dabber and hop on a cruise ship or river boat. Bingo on the waves is especially common in regions where gambling is illegal or severely restricted, because once the boat reaches international waters national law isn’t applicable. It is however possible to find boats that offer bingo on lakes and rivers as well, simply because playing bingo is so fun and makes a nice day on the water even more pleasurable.

Playing bingo online

The opportunity to play bingo online has attracted completely new demographic groups to the game of bingo. People who would normally limit their gambling to things such as table games and sports betting are venturing into the wonderful world of online bingo and they like what they see. At the same time, many seasoned bingo veterans make the journey from local bingo halls to modern online bingo.

Some web sites have bingo as their primary focus, but it is also common for large gambling sites to have a section for bingo next to sections for casino, sports betting, arcade games, poker, and so on. Even sites that are focused on bingo tend to have a least a small casino part to offer their members a greater variety of games. is a provider of betting tips but also got a great bingo section with daily news and offers. Many bingo players are fond of other games of chance, such as slot machines, roulette and scratch cards.

One of the advantages of playing bingo online is that your bingo cards will be checked automatically for bingo. You don’t have to yell bingo fast enough to win – the software will detect any winning bingo cards and deposit the corresponding amount into your account. You can still dab the bingo cards by hand if you want to, but you don’t have to worry about accidentally missing a number or making a wrong dab. You can even by bingo cards in advance and have the software check then for you. Not being able to make it to this evening’s bingo games because you’re stuck in traffic or have to work late doesn’t have to be a complete disaster because you can still use your bingo cards and there might be a nice little win waiting in your account once you come back home and log in.