New proof of lottery syndicates superiority

internetbingoThe advantages of playing the lottery as a syndicate are numerous and every now and then, we are presented with another example. The same goes for pretty much any game of luck that revolves around numbers being extracted and even Internet bingo can be included into this category. Players prefer to pool money together and purchase more tickets to improve their chances of winning, without paying more money or increasing the frequency of games they play.

16 people who worked at the Ocean County Vehicle Maintenance won a share of the $448 million Powerball jackpot and received roughly $5 million each after taxes. The college decided that it would be better to play the games together instead of buying tickets individually and their decision proved to be a wise one. Their story is narrated by the media and a compelling article about their success was posted at

For a couple of days, the only thing that was known about these players is that they worked at the same venture but eventually they reveal their identity. They have all the time in the world to do so, but it is hard to believe that with so many people involved it is possible to maintain anonymity. This is a very serious question that those who join the syndicate need to ask, because otherwise they risk running into trouble.

As for the other two winners who share the other two thirds of the Powerball jackpot, one resides in Minnesota and the other is also a New Jersey resident. This makes this case particularly interesting as it’s been 20 years since two players from the same state won a Powerball jackpot. These two guys played the lottery individually but there are plenty of successful syndicates out there who can reinforce the theory that playing as a group is a smart choice.