Are ghost bingo players a real threat?

internetbingoWhen online poker was first introduced, many were wondering about the dangers posed by the so-called ghost players, which allegedly play for the poker rooms. There were many suppositions made regarding these players, with some claiming that they are professionals hired by the companies to make money on their behalf. There were some who went a step further and assumed that these are basically bots that are programmed to compete at multiple tables and there are given an unfair advantage over the field.

Most of these misconceptions have been ruled out and as a result of poker rooms being audited by prominent companies, many of these worries were put to rest. Those who play bingo games over the Internet are also wondering whether there are any ghosting of players out there and try to determine if they pose a real threat or not.

It took a while for players to take a leap of faith and leave the familiar environment where they used to compete against neighbors and people they knew. Trading this for the virtual arena was difficult but reasons such as convenience and the possibility of playing for less money eventually won the argument. In the absence of human interaction, and with nothing more than a checkbox to communicate with fellow players it comes as no surprise that some people expect the worst.

Online operators did their best to create a friendly setting for players to interact at multiple levels, but it is still very difficult replicate the one from a bingo venue. The idea that players are in fact competing against the house which is represented by these ghost players is frightening, because it makes it downright impossible to win. It makes perfect sense that if the operators sank to such lows as to use software to compete against players, they would also program the game itself to make the latter win often.

There is nothing wrong in investigating the issue and looking at the problem from different angles, but it is excessive to draw radical conclusions. You can never be 100% sure that the games are fair, but in order to mitigate the risks, it is recommended to choose those bingo rooms that have been around for a while. If reputation precedes them, have a lot of customers already and are regularly audited, it is less likely for them to risk it all by using unfair apps.

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Amusing and inspiring lottery commercials

playinternetThe ones who create and direct advertisements, know that they have the power of convincing people to buy a certain item, even if they don’t absolutely need it. Furthermore, if the commercials are done professionally, they are likely to tilt the market in the favor of one type of product or service and this also applies to lottery games. YouTube is full of inspiring and funny lottery commercials, with some of them standing out from the crowd.

One such commercial, features a lucky couple who apparently want a huge amount playing the lottery, who celebrates the occasion in a special way. While enjoying all the perks of being filthy rich, they also find the time to relieve the special moment. Another amusing lottery advertisement, highlights the importance of being frank and presents the potential downsides of playing a prank on a friend.

Commercials don’t necessarily need to be hilarious to achieve their goals and a Scandinavian company did a brilliant job in advertising their game. By choosing an unlikely character as a lottery winner and emphasizing the importance of setting correct priorities, they, with an inspiring ad. They also draw valuable conclusions, such as the fact that lottery players regardless of age can greatly benefit from winning the jackpot and there is more than meets the eye to them.

Another idea that transcends these amusing commercials is that the sky’s the limit for those who win the jackpot and pretty much anything becomes accessible and affordable. Not even purchasing a baseball team is out of reach for winners, but the lucky ones should think twice before indulging in new hobbies or making lavish purchases. Enjoying everything with moderation is one of the powerful conclusions that can be drawn after having some fun with the lottery games.

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Learn how to avoid bingo scam websites

There is nothing wrong in exploring new possibilities all the time while trying to make your bingo experience as convenient as possible. For those who no longer find brick and mortar venues suitable, but have no intention of forsaking their favorite game, online bingo is the only alternative. There are plenty of reasons to make this transition and convenience stands at the top of the list, but there are also some unique dangers that players need to factor in.

Learn how to avoid bingo scam websitesKnowing that bingo is still immensely popular game worldwide, many scam artists are now focusing on this increasingly larger community. There is pretty much nothing that they would refrain from doing if they have a good chance of tricking honest people and scam websites are just one of the scams they perpetrate. Granted, these bogus websites require some time and effort to create and slightly bigger investments that regular scam e-mails, they also have the potential of generating bigger profits.

The threat is all too real and those who are poised to play bingo over the Internet should know which are the signs that they might be walking into a trap. There is no guarantee that a professionally designed website is actually genuine and people should do their due diligence and conduct research before depositing money or disclosing personal information. On the other hand a website that is littered with grammar mistakes and has content written in poor English should raise alarm flights right away.

Many scam artists have high expectations but they don’t have the money to back them up and that’s why they released subpar websites. What they count on is that most of those who land on the fake website don’t know English well enough to spot those mistakes. This is only partially true and unfortunately for those who don’t have a strong command of English language, there is no definitive way of distinguishing between genuine and bogus websites.

Design on the other hand is a more relevant indicator, because of professional company which spins millions of dollars while organizing legal bingo games is more likely to have an eye candy websites. All these elements should be factored in before making a decision, because what sounds too good to be true usually is. Last but definitely not least, bingo players are advised not to fall into the trap of those who claim that they are organizing the games on the half of worldwide famous companies such as Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Apple or other instantly recognizable brands.

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How to create a lottery syndicate

playinternetbingoThere are so many lottery syndicates out there, that those willing to join don’t need to look around for long before finding one that meets the expectations. Assuming that no such group is suitable for your needs or you have your personal idea about how the syndicate should look, there is nothing wrong in setting up one yourself. Obviously, there are a couple of guidelines that can help you start on the right foot and keep the organization going smoothly but all of them are subject to tinkering.

The very idea of lottery syndicates is that people pool money together to make it more affordable to purchase tickets. This allows them to spend the same amount of money while buying additional tickets, with the only downside being the fact that you have to split the jackpot if the group wins. It is a small price to pay given the fact that the odds of winning are remote, but nevertheless this is something to take into account from the very beginning.

In order to prevent any unpleasant situations, people are advised to be careful when setting up a lottery syndicate and be very scrupulous. The first step is to select your team and start playing right away and it is entirely up to the one who creates the syndicate to choose his colleagues. One way of doing this is by allowing only people from the inner circle, such as relatives, close friends and acquaintances to join.

The advantage is that you can put your trust into these people, but on the flip side, you would have fewer players which translates into less money being pooled together. Assuming you welcome strangers your lottery syndicates, it is even more important to be very strict about the terms and conditions. It can never be too safe and that’s why it is recommended to set the ground rules and create some official papers that all members are supposed to sign.

There are plenty of websites out there who offer practical syndicate kits for those who want to start from scratch, so help yourself to one. It is also the duty of the one who leads the syndicate to see how errands are assigned, so that all members have the same duties and privileges. If the rules are coherent and all the players in the syndicate agree to them, nobody will have to take care of too many chores and the entire group will be content.

It goes without saying that if the syndicate ends up winning the main prize, all the members in the group will have to enjoy a fair share. The question is what to do with second-tier prizes, which are by definition considerably lower and wouldn’t make rich the members if divided equally. Some lottery syndicates consider that it is better to use this money to purchase more tickets, others stick to the rules and split these prizes as well. Regardless of the choice, make sure all the members agree from the start.

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Enjoy online bingo in all its forms

bingoThe game of bingo has been around for long enough to become immensely popular among people of all ages and it is still going strong after all these years. What makes it so popular is the fact that the rules are easy to understand and chance alone determines the outcome, so players regardless of skill will have the same chances to win. Not many make the transition to online bingo, not because they don’t trust the technology, but because they prefer to keep it a social game.

Luckily, those who offer these games over the Internet went to great lengths to create a friendly gaming environment and made it possible for players to interact on multiple levels. Online bingo is gaining popularity, but it will be a while until enough players will shift from brick-and-mortar venues to virtual ones. Meanwhile software developers make giant leaps forward and some of them dedicated their efforts to creating new types of bingo.

RTG Roaring Twenties Bingo is a shining example of how technology comes to the rescue and although it bears many similarities with the traditional game, the differences are what make it stand out from the crowd. Players are expected to create various patterns with different numbers and to some extent it is more similar to a slot game than traditional bingo. Players enjoy all the popular RTG features, such as playing several hands in a row by using the autoplay function or doubling up with gamble functions.

It is only a superstition that you need a powerful computer to enjoy bingo over the Internet, because a regular machine is more than suitable to run such games. Software developers did their best to create titles that look great, feature state-of-the-art gameplay and still function properly on pretty much any computer regardless of operating system or specifications. An Internet connection is also mandatory, but then again most of those who have a computer are also connected to the network.

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New proof of lottery syndicates superiority

internetbingoThe advantages of playing the lottery as a syndicate are numerous and every now and then, we are presented with another example. The same goes for pretty much any game of luck that revolves around numbers being extracted and even Internet bingo can be included into this category. Players prefer to pool money together and purchase more tickets to improve their chances of winning, without paying more money or increasing the frequency of games they play.

16 people who worked at the Ocean County Vehicle Maintenance won a share of the $448 million Powerball jackpot and received roughly $5 million each after taxes. The college decided that it would be better to play the games together instead of buying tickets individually and their decision proved to be a wise one. Their story is narrated by the media and a compelling article about their success was posted at

For a couple of days, the only thing that was known about these players is that they worked at the same venture but eventually they reveal their identity. They have all the time in the world to do so, but it is hard to believe that with so many people involved it is possible to maintain anonymity. This is a very serious question that those who join the syndicate need to ask, because otherwise they risk running into trouble.

As for the other two winners who share the other two thirds of the Powerball jackpot, one resides in Minnesota and the other is also a New Jersey resident. This makes this case particularly interesting as it’s been 20 years since two players from the same state won a Powerball jackpot. These two guys played the lottery individually but there are plenty of successful syndicates out there who can reinforce the theory that playing as a group is a smart choice.

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What does a bingo syndicate stand for?

Bingo is generally a game played individually despite its social nature, so the very concept of a bingo syndicate is somewhat abstract and puzzling for regular players. This doesn’t mean that it can’t be done, and those who want to find more about such a group should check out what the lottery equivalent stand for. has some insightful articles about how to set up such a syndicate and which are the ground rules that are mandatory.

The benefits are similar for bingo and lottery syndicate has the members for money together and compete for the same prices, while spending less individually. Whenever someone wins big, the prize is equally divided between the members so with more people tagging along the better the chances are for someone to win. Don’t let the upside blind you and completely neglect the potential perils, because there are several cases of people who set up a syndicate that imploded immediately after the jackpot was won.


This is less likely to happen to a bingo group due to the fact that the payouts are lower but this doesn’t make it any less important to have clear regulations. By having all the members bound to a lottery or bingo pool agreement, you will avoid unpleasant situations when members go at each other’s throats. First of all, someone needs to be in charge of purchasing the tickets and there should always be a backup so on those rare occasions when the designated person fails to buy them, someone else will step up.

By doing so, you offset the risk of missing out on a rare opportunity to win and there will be no doubts about whether ticket was purchased if the regular numbers are extracted. There are some differences between bingo and lottery but both of them are games based on luck and prizes are awarded to the ones who matched the winning numbers. There should be a rule determining whether members can pool more money than their peers and receive a larger share of the jackpot if the syndicate wins.

Another thing that should be on each member’s mind is how the lower tier prizes will be distributed, because there are two ways of handling these payouts. One implies that smaller amounts are going to fuel of the next syndicate pool, so that more tickets can be purchased while the jackpots are immediately divided among members. Deciding whether members can purchase tickets individually or not is just as important as there have been many cases of people claiming they bought the winning tickets for themselves not the group, therefore they don’t need to share the money.

Last but not least, bingo and lottery syndicate members alike should be prepared for the best case scenario which is to win the main prize. Assuming that the jackpot is very high, a rule should exist stating whether the winners are allowed to go public or anonymity should be uphold. The lottery group needs to make the sensitive decision as soon as possible and unanimity is required.

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Understand expected value when playing the lottery

There are not many things that lottery players need to concern themselves with, because the outcome of each draw is determined by luck and luck alone. Intricate strategies and betting systems are worthless and paying a dime for purchasing them is an utter waste of money. On the other hand, there are a couple of concepts that are worth the attention and one thing that players need to understand is expected value.


Even though they have no control over the outcome of the game and luck dictates the result of lottery draws, there is still an upside in understanding expected value. Lower tier prizes are frequently underestimated by players, as they instinctively focus their attention on the jackpots. In order to accurately calculate expected value, it is essential to factor them in and players need to keep an open eye on the odds of winning any amount.

When calculating the returns, lower tier prizes count as well and on the long run the smallest amounts are the ones that keep players afloat. Scooping the jackpot should be the main priority for players, and lotteries who only reward two or three categories of winners should be avoided. On the other hand, it is worth playing those games where players are presented with a prize even if they match only a handful of numbers. The probability of winning in various categories is calculated in the same manner, so those who want to take an analytical approach to evaluating expected value should resort to mathematics.

Fortunately most of the lotteries that truly matter worldwide have an online website that highlights the chance of winning prizes in each category. These values in conjunction with the price of a regular ticket will eventually highlight the expected value and help players decide whether the lottery can be profitable or not on the long run. The fascination for jackpots shouldn’t be underestimated and people will always fancy those lotteries that offer the highest potential payouts.

Expected value is also calculated based on the size of the jackpot and depending on the cost of a ticket, there are values above which jackpots are worth pursuing. If we are to take the immensely popular Powerball lottery as an example, players should know that whenever the jackpot exceeds $276 million, they should double their efforts and purchase more tickets. Keep in mind that expected value has nothing to do with the actual odds of winning independent draws and regardless of it, the chances to win any prize stay the same.

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Woodbridge resident wins the lottery four times in a row

Lottery and bingo players are divided into categories, with some claiming that the only way of being a successful player is by using a system or strategy. They claim that a select few have cracked the code and now are reaping the benefit, while others believe that pure luck and positive thinking are the only things that help. Those who side with the latter will find additional arguments in the article posted three months ago at


The former have very few arguments simply because there are not many lottery players who won the main prize several times in a row. In fact there are very few who succeeded in winning sizable amounts and that’s what makes Melvyn Wilson of Woodbridge so special. The former postal worker won four lottery prizes in the last eight years and the most recent amount of $500,000 took his total lottery earnings to a bit over $2 million.

Before getting overly excited and using this story as an argument in favor of allegedly miraculous lotteries systems and strategies, people should know that Mr. Wilson is no lottery guru. In fact he is not a big fan of traditional lottery games and made this small fortune by focusing his attention on scratch cards tickets. This explains why he needed to win four prizes to exceed the barrier of $2 million, given the fact that most lottery jackpots are considerably larger.

Having said this, his performance is every bit as remarkable and the fact that Melvyn Wilson confirmed that there is no science behind his success, should encourage regular players. The first time he won, the prize was a mediocre $25,000, but this was only the beginning and 2005 was his lucky year. Eight years ago he won two more scratch cards tickets, with one of them making him $500,000 richer while the second granted him an additional million.

It comes as no surprise that following these consecutive successes Melvyn chose to quit his postal worker job and is now enjoying a peaceful retirement. For more than seven years he kept purchasing lottery tickets with moderation but it was only in 2013 that he won another major prize. Once again he scooped half a million and although he has plenty of money in his bank account, he will probably keep playing just to see how long will his luck last.

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The trend of bingo tickets prices

Very few products if any are getting cheaper these days, and we tend to get used to witnessing prices going up every single day. Pastime activities such as the game of bingo used to be an inexpensive entertainment, but are bingo tickets prices on an upwards trend? At a first glance, one might be tempted to say that quantifying the increase in prices is impossible, given the fact that this is a game usually played in land-based venues.

Those who enjoy spending a couple of hours every week in such a place, can probably confirm that the prices have gone up but at a snail’s speed pace. The changes are even more difficult to notice or downright inexistent when it comes to home games, but things are quite different online. Now that bingo can be enjoyed in online casinos as well, players have a broad range of places where they can deposit funds and play their favorite game.

At least in theory, these online casinos have unrestricted liberty in setting the prices, but competition keeps them reasonably low. The average ticket price of one dollar per bingo slip can be regarded as a standard for online games, but then again the prices vary a lot. Casinos like to encourage players to experience the thrills of bingo for free and that’s why they run freeroll tournaments, in a very similar manner to how Texas hold’em events are organized.

While the same link between the price of tickets and potential gains apply in bingo as in other games of chance, the nature of the game makes it unattractive for highrollers. Bingo is played by the same rules all over the world and very few of those who play it often regard it as a lucrative business or attempt to make it a way of living. What happens in online poker and other casino games doesn’t apply to bingo, and this explains why the game remains more attractive to beginners and casual players.

In brick-and-mortar locations, the organizers try to differentiate between their bingo games by offering visitors different packages. An excellent example of how diverse the offer is, and which are the options that players are presented with can be found at The combinations are almost limitless, so the odds of finding a reasonably priced package are stacked in your favor.

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