Wink Bingo Review

Wink Bingo claims that it is “(arguably) the greatest bingo site around!” We certainly would not disagree with them because, as you will see, there is an astonishing choice of fantastic bingo games and they certainly seem to have raised the bar on special offers and promotions. If you are a first time player, you will love the amazing first depositor´s bonus, and players who stay loyal to the site will receive some fabulous “reload” bonuses and one of the liveliest bingo experiences on the net.

Wink Bingo is one of a number of online bingo rooms run by the Gibraltar-based company Cassava Enterprises. You might not have heard of Cassava before, but they are a huge company – responsible for brand names such as 888 sports betting, Pacific Poker and one of the longest running online casinos, “Casino-on-Net” which has over 13 million registered subscribers. With a rich history of providing online entertainment for its clients, you will not be disappointed by what Wink Bingo has to offer.

Wink Bingo Welcome Bonus

The Wink Bingo Welcome Bonus stands head and shoulders above what many other bingo web sites are able to offer. As well as offering a superb 200% bonus on your first deposit between £5.00 and £100.00, bingo players who make a first deposit of £10.00 or more get to spin the bonus wheel. The bonus wheel has additional bonus values ranging between £15.00 and £1.000.00 and wherever the wheel stops, that is the amount you get added to your account! So, for just £10.00, you are assured of getting an extra £35.00 and possibly £1020.00!

You cannot cash out your bonus amount straight away though. However keen you might be to rush down to the shops and spend your new fortune, you have to buy bingo tickets to twice the value of your initial deposit and bonus amount before you can withdraw any of it. This is not such a bad scheme, and much fairer than most other sites, because as well as allowing you to get your hands on the money quicker, you can play a little bingo and get involved with some of the other fantastic ongoing promotions.

Wink Bingo Ongoing Promotions

The most lucrative ongoing promotion for bingo players on Wink Bingo is their “reload” bonus. Every time you make a subsequent deposit into your account, Wink Bingo adds a further 50% provided that your deposit is between £10.00 and £100.00. The same rules apply for withdrawing the funds as with the Welcome Bonus, but with the variety of other promotions going on, withdrawing your funds might be furthest from your mind.

Being such an up-to-date bingo web site, seasonal promotions change on a frequent basis, so check out the promotions tab and “What´s on Wink” screen when you first visit the site to see the extra bonuses you could qualify for. Some of the regular ongoing promotions you might like to participate in include:

  • “Stash the Cash” and “Something for the Weekend” give out random awards on a weekly basis to players who have participated in bingo games the week before.
  • “Frisky Friday” is a Jackpot Game played on a Friday where every player who fails to win a prize has the cost of their tickets refunded on Monday.
  • Maybe one of the most amazing offers is Wink Bingo´s “Cashback for Life” offer, where they refund 10% of any money you have lost on bingo in the previous week.
  • Of course, Wink Bingo also has plenty of free bingo offers, bingo bonuses and games with guaranteed prizes as well as some fantastic loyalty schemes.

Wink Bingo Loyalty Scheme

Wink Bingo has a number of loyalty schemes – all tied in with some fantastic opportunities to play bingo for incredible prizes.

Players earn bingo points by playing games on the site, participating in competitions, contributing in the chat rooms and via their social media (Facebook and Twitter). The points can be converted into cash to buy bingo tickets (not to be withdrawn – although you get to keep the winnings) or saved up for one of their stupendous quarterly jackpot “Joy Pot” games.

The “Joy Pot” game is a one-off game of 90 ball bingo, for which entry is free (provided you have collected enough bingo points) and the prize for a fill house is a whopping £15.000. There are also prizes of £3.000 for one line and £7.000 for two lines which must make this the most valuable free game of bingo ever!

Wink Bingo also gives away a Mini Cooper 1.6 in a 90 ball bingo game played on New Year´s Day. You do not even be online to win it, as entry to the game again is free provided you have qualified through collecting enough bingo bonus points throughout the year. What a wonderful way to take your “Joy Pot” winnings to the bank.

Wink Bingo Rooms

Wink Bingo offers a choice of 90 Ball Bingo and 75 Ball Bingo with progressive jackpots in both formats starting at 37 numbers and 35 numbers respectively. Not all rooms are open at all times of the day, but one of the nice touches on Wink Bingo is that they advertise the name of the Chat Moderator on the front of each room so that if you particularly one CM´s style you can go directly into their room.

In all, there are 24 Bingo rooms to choose from – so we are not going to list them all here! Some of them are set aside for specific games for which you can purchase your tickets in advance (recommended for some of the bigger games) and ticket prices are advertised for the forthcoming games, together with the number of players and the time until the game starts.

Once inside a bingo room, the purchase of tickets is easy. You can select the cards or strips of cards that you would like to play, or just have them randomly distributed to you. Some games are “Fair for All” which puts a low limit on the number of tickets you can purchase, and watch out for some of the games with hidden prizes for completing a certain pattern on your bingo card or if you miss out on a full house with just one number to go.

Wink Bingo Side Games

With the great variety of bingo rooms available at Wink Bingo, it is unlikely that you will ever tire of playing bingo. But, if you do, there are plenty of side games to keep you amused. Regular slots, progressive slots, keno, trumps and arcade games compliment a comprehensive choice of scratchcard games and four roulette wheels in the virtual casino. There is also video poker and blackjack for lovers of card games, and with stakes starting at just 20p a hand, you do not have to be a millionaire to enjoy playing casino games.

You will find many of your favourite slots amongst those categorised into “Cheeky Slots”, “Cute Slots” and “Fantasy Slots” with all the side games having a “free play” facility, so if you just have a few minutes to kill before your next game of bingo starts, you can spin a few reels and see how the features on each slot works before investing any of your hard earned winnings into them. An additional benefit of playing on the side games is that all the money you spend – win or lose – counts towards your bingo bonus points. Not many other sites let you do that!

Wink Bingo Chat

As with the majority of online bingo room, participation in the chat rooms is frantically encouraged by a team of chat moderators. Wink Bingo “CM”s offer plenty of bingo bonus points throughout the games in impromptu competitions, and there is also the “Team Bingo” challenge – where players are randomly divided into teams to see who can play the most bingo over a two week period. Members of the top ten teams all win huge bonus bingo points, and it is a great way to met up with new roomies and discuss how your team is doing.

Wink Bingo has some very lively chat rooms, and although they spend a lot of time promoting their own future events, you will have a laugh at some of the antics they get up to *and we are not going to ruin the “sur-prizes” by revealing all here. If you have never played on an online bingo site before, some of the terms and abbreviations might be a little alien to you, so pop across to our “Online Bingo Tutorial” where you will find a comprehensive glossary of terms that are used in the chat rooms.

Wink Bingo Account Set-Up

Wink Bingo´s account set up is very straightforward, yet might be difficult for some computer users. All that is asked for are the basic name, address and email details that you would normally complete on any registration form, however, there is no facility to scroll down the page to enter your details, so the best thing to do is use the tab key after each entry to get onto the next field. It took us a little by surprise that the account set up was tricky when everything else on the site was so wonderful.

You instantly receive an email welcoming you to the site with a copy of your login details to store in a safe place. Also on the email is a list of all the current promotions, and as Wink Bingo continues to grow in popularity, you will probably find that the value of their promotions grow as well. It is always worth having a read through of their emails to see how you can best benefit from playing bingo on the Wink Bingo site.

There are a load of different options for depositing funds into your account (and withdrawing your winnings!) with all transactions performed over a secure server and a history available for all the financial comings and goings. Very sensibly, there are pre-set deposit limits to prevent people going crazy with their money on Wink Bingo and, although you can raise them, it will take 24 hours for your request to be applied.

Wink Bingo Additional Features

Wink Bingo uses some incredible graphics to make your bingo experience as exciting as possible, and the whole site in general is constructed to make it as easy as possible for everybody to use the site (except the account set-up procedure if you are reading this Wink Bingo!). As well as benefitting from having Wink Bingo as a friend on Facebook and subscribing to their tweets on Twitter, Wink Bingo also has a channel on YouTube on which you can watch all the big winners collecting their prizes, and an excellent blog written by the chief “winker”, Holly.

There is a very easy to use “My Wink” feature which gives you a whole transaction and game history in just one click, and where you can see how many bingo bonus points you have collected. The “Today @ Wink” button lets you know of any additional deposit bonuses (they often give away more than 50%!) and the highlights of the best games coming up every day, plus there is also a “Refer-a-Friend” scheme which offers 15.000 bonus bingo points (worth £15.00) for each friend that joins Wink Bingo on your recommendation. We have no doubt that once you get started, you will be using this last feature an awful lot!

Wink Bingo Summary

In a word “brilliant!” With the fantastic initial welcome bonus, all the “reload” bonuses and lifelong cashback, we are trying work out if there is an online bingo site that could offer any more. Don’t forget that there are also dozens of free games of bingo every day, some incredible promotions plus the chance of winning a Mini Cooper and £25.000 in cash – all for free. Navigation around the Wink Bingo site is easy, the game play is smooth and exciting and there is a fantastic friendly atmosphere.

If we had to find a fault with Wink Bingo, it would be that there are not so many players online at off-peak times. Inasmuch as that means you have more chance of winning (especially on the free bingo!), it also means that the amounts you win are not so great. Remember though that Wink Bingo is still a very new bingo web site, and as more people find out about all the bonuses which are available, we are sure it will grow. Check our Wink Bingo for yourself. We know you will love it!