Cheeky Bingo Review

Cheeky Bingo advertises that you can “Play for Free and Win for Real”, and that is exactly true. Whereas most other bingo web sites offer a couple of free games a day (and sometimes with the proviso that you have funded your account), Cheeky Bingo offers free bingo with real cash prizes all day every day.

Although this is truly amazing offer for bingo fans everywhere, many of the free games only have a prize pot of just a pound or two, and with a couple of hundred players in each game – more for fun than anything else – the real money is to be made elsewhere on the site.

Cheeky Bingo is operated by London based Cashcade Ltd, under license from Cassava Enterprises (one of the biggest online gaming companies in the world) and uses the Brigend bingo software for its games, which has been commended for its excellence and fair random number generator. The web site is not all complicated to use, and has been designed to ensure that everybody gets the best bingo experience out of playing on Cheeky Bingo.

Cheeky Bingo Welcome Bonus

The Cheeky Bingo Welcome Bonus is one of the best online bonuses you can get! When you make your first deposit of between £10.00 and £100.00, Cheeky Bingo will treble the amount you put in. That´s right! If you deposited say £20.00, Cheeky Bingo adds another £40.00, so you start with £60.00 on your account before a single ball has been drawn. Of course, there are terms and conditions attached, like you have to use all the bonus money to buy bingo tickets and cannot just take it out, but once you have turned over three times your deposit and welcome bonus (in this case £180.00), whatever you have won is yours to keep.

Cheeky Bingo Ongoing Promotions

The bonuses do not stop when you have made your first deposit. For each subsequent deposit that you make on Cheeky Bingo, you will receive a minimum of 50% bonus (which again has to be turned over three times before you can take it out), but it is always worth checking out “Cheeky´s Diary” on the home page because sometimes the “reload” bonuses go up to 100% – and that´s not a bad way to start your day!

The biggest ongoing promotion on the Cheeky Bingo web site is the free bingo – all day every day. It gives players who have never experienced online bingo before a chance to find out what the game is all about but, as mentioned above, most of the games are played for a couple of pounds (there is one room offering games up to £50.00 for funded accounts) and you will be in amongst a field of hundreds playing for the free prizes. Furthermore, the minimum withdrawal you can make from Cheeky Bingo is £10.00, so – unless you are very lucky – you are going to have to participate in a lot of free bingo before reaching that amount, and it might be a lot more lucrative for you to participate in some of the other Cheeky Bingo ongoing promotions.

Once you have made your first deposit and starting playing bingo for real, you also start to collect “Cheeky Points”. Cheeky Points are available in the 5p and 10p bingo rooms and can be exchanged for tickets in other rooms, or used for some of the exclusive pre-buy games with some tremendous prizes. Cheeky Points can also be won in chat room competitions and in the “Cheeky Chest” – where millions of points are given away each week for claiming a full house on a specific number. The number changes each week, and you will get a newsletter emailed to you advising of that week´s numbers, so make sure that you tick the box in the account set-up page to receive emails of forthcoming promotions.

There are special events happening nearly every day in one bingo room or another. “Happy Hours”, “Jackpot Pyramid Sessions” and “1TG/2TG” events happen practically every day, and as the week goes on, the prizes get larger with a £5.000 guaranteed game played every Friday. Saturday night on Cheeky Bingo are Party Nights with massive giveaways, huge prize jackpots and double Cheeky Points on every game.

Unlike some other sites, Cheeky Bingo also runs ongoing promotions in their 75 ball bingo rooms. “Cheeky´s Prize Picks” gives away some great gifts and shopping vouchers on selected games and the “Cheeky Dip” games on Thursday evenings have some superb prizes hidden behind the winning numbers. There are also selected days on which you receive double Cheeky Points for playing at certain times plus £100.00 cash bonus prizes for completing your 75 ball bingo card in a selected pattern.

Cheeky Bingo Loyalty Scheme

A brand new Cheeky VIP Loyalty Scheme is due to be announced very shortly. Keep an eye on those weekly newsletters for more information.

Cheeky Bingo Rooms

Cheeky Bingo Rooms are divided into free games and three further price ranges, rather than the type of games which is being played:

Free Games – In all, there are 6 free bingo rooms equally divided between 90 ball bingo (blue bingo ball icon) and 75 ball bingo (yellow bingo ball icon). Not all the rooms are open at all times of the day, and if you do not want to watch the balls in action, it is possible to go scooting from one room to another to set up six simultaneous games. You can “buy” up to 6 tickets (a complete strip) in each game.

5p Games – There are ten 5p bingo rooms, with seven playing 90 ball bingo and the other three devoted to the 75 ball variety. In each bingo room you are able to buy single tickets or strips of tickets which you can choose yourself of have randomly selected. The left hand side bar will let you know how the maximum number of tickets you are allowed in each game.

10p Games – The same balance of 90 ball and 75 ball games appear in the 10p bingo games lobby. Each open room advertises the length of time until the next bingo game is due to start, the current prize fund and the name of any chat moderator who is buzzing up the atmosphere. Prizes for 90 ball bingo games are awarded in the traditional 1 line/2 lines/Full House format, and 75 ball bingo games will display a set design at the top of the page that you have to get in order to win the game prize (no 1/2/3 line prizes at Cheeky Bingo, so winner takes all!).

Cheeky Mix – The Cheeky Mix bingo lobby features four 90 ball bingo rooms and two 75 ball bingo rooms. Games in the Cheeky Mix are played for a variety of stakes, with some as low as a penny, up to a maximum of 10p. Progressive Jackpots are paid for getting a Full House (or the designated 75 ball bingo pattern) within a certain number of balls, and because of the volume of free bingo that is played, these are won pretty often.

Cheeky Bingo Side Games

Even though there is such number of bingo rooms from which to choose, Cheeky Bingo still manages to squeeze in some great side games on its web site. There are three types of slots, divided into games with a single winline, games with multi paylines and some super slots, such as “The X Factor” and “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?” The slots are complimented by some excellent scratchcard games and a European roulette wheel with stakes per chip starting at just 20p.

Mini games can also be played directly from the bingo room, with the same wide choice of slots scratchcards and casino games available and lines on the slot machines starting from just 1p per spin!

Cheeky Bingo Chat

Unsurprisingly, the bingo chat rooms are exceptionally lively, with loads of participation from CMs and roomies alike. The free room games are where many new bingo players learn the “bingo lingo” and are keen to test their skills out on other bingo newbies. The full range of icons and short cuts are there to try out, and it is advisable to turn off the feature which tells you when people are entering or leaving the room as so much goes on in the chat room that the screen will scroll up too quickly for new players to follow.

It might be as well to familiarise yourself with some of the “bingo lingo” before getting involved in the chat or else you could get a little confused. New players are advised to have a look at our Online Bingo Tutorial where you will find an introduction to playing online bingo and a glossary for many of the terms which might be unfamiliar to you. A strong community has already developed on Cheeky Bingo and you could find yourself chatting away between games very quickly on this very friendly site.

Cheeky Bingo Account Set-Up

Cheeky Bingo has one of the easiest to follow account set up procedures of any online bingo site. The form which you have to complete is just one page, and you do not even have to register your banking details if you would like to look around the site first. On course, if you do not make a deposit, you cannot benefit from the tremendous welcome deposit that is available, but we know that some people would rather have a nose around first or start by playing some of the free bingo games.

Cheeky Bingo Additional Features

Once you have registered on the Cheeky Bingo web site and made your first deposit, it is well worth exploring the Cheeky Bingo site in depth in case you miss some of the free games or extra bonuses. Not all are advertised on the home page, and a little indulgence in some of the marketing that is done for the site will prove fruitful.

A very useful little feature in each of the bingo rooms is the autobuy facility which enables you to set up games in advance if you are going to be away from your computer for a little while, and Cheeky Bingo also offers pre-purchase for its feature games (like the Friday £5.000 guaranteed bingo game) in case you cannot be in front of your computer at the time.

Cheeky Bingo Summary

Cheeky Bingo is an uncomplicated site which is ideal for the online bingo beginner. The free bingo is an obvious draw and the chat rooms are exceptionally lively with hundreds of bingo bonuses to be won every day by just participating in the fun. New online bingo players will also find Cheeky Bingo´s customer support first rate and feel secure with SSL encrypted deposit and withdrawal methods.

Cheeky Bingo is a relatively new bingo web site which only opened in the spring of 2009 and although it was launched with a major advertising campaign, continues to strive to attract new members. With a superb welcome bonus and ongoing reload bonuses, we are sure you will get good value from the site and we expect that when the new VIP Loyalty scheme is launched, the site can only become more popular and offer bigger prizes.