Betsson Bingo Review

Betsson Bingo SiteWow! is probably the most common expression when bingo players land on the Betsson Bingo web site. Bright, clear and straightforward – everything you want from an online bingo room, but with bonuses galore! If you have played on online bingo web sites before, you might have become accustomed to the standard format of the Virtue Fusion software that many bingo web sites use, however playing on Betsson Bingo is a whole new, and thoroughly enjoyable, experience.

For those of you for whom Betsson is a “foreign” name, the company has been in existence since 2001 and enjoys a solid reputation for fairness and great customer service. It originally started as a sports betting company and expanded rapidly throughout Scandinavia and into Europe before adding other elements to its site – such as poker, exchange betting, a casino and now Betsson Bingo. The company is now based in Malta, where it is licensed under European law for the provision of online gambling, and has passed independent inspection for fairness of its “random number generator” – the software which selects which bingo balls are to be drawn next.

Betsson Bingo Welcome Bonus

Betsson Bingo offers a different type of welcome bonus than many of its competitors, with a “double your money” offer to match your initial bonus up to £30.00. What this means is that if you deposit £25.00 into your account, once you have spent the £25.00 on bingo tickets, Betsson will credit your account with a further £25.00 cash! You cannot withdraw the cash from your account until you have “turned it over” (invested it) at least ten times, so you will have had to use your original deposit and the bonus to purchase £250.00 worth of tickets, but there are so many chances to win valuable prizes on Betsson Bingo that this should not present a problem.

New players can also play in the free bingo games hosted by Betsson Bingo every day at 4.00pm and 8.00pm (UK time) with fifty Euros (about £45.00 in real money) in prize money available in each one, join the refer-a-friend program which pays you for recommending the Betsson site to your bingo buddies (which we have no doubt you will want to do after playing on the site) and take advantage of some potentially very lucrative jackpot offers.

Betsson Bingo Rooms

The Betsson Bingo rooms are the places to find the lucrative (and frequently won) jackpots. As well as playing your regular bingo game, you will be trying to complete your card in as few numbers as possible to win a jackpot or one of the many consolation prizes. There are only four rooms to choose from, but each hosts a variety of games at varying stakes with some having their own specific jackpot prizes.

The 90 Ball Bingo Room – This room is open all day and features a variety of standard, themed and turbo 90 ball bingo games. One big difference between Betsson Bingo and many of its competitors is that the prices of the tickets are so much more. This is not necessarily a bad thing, as many people will only have two or three tickets per games and the prizes seem to be distributed more fairly.

90Ball Bingo Jackpots – Each game within a room has its own jackpot value. So you might see a jackpot offered for £5.000 in one game, and you play the next to find it is has risen to £20.000, and the next game offers £12.000. Generally all jackpots in the 90 ball bingo room are won when a full house is called within a very realistic target of 40 numbers, however certain games also give away extra valuable prizes on cards filled within 43 and 44 numbers.

The 75 Ball Bingo Room – This room only opens between 11.00am and 11.00pm (UK times) for games of “classical”, “multi” and “pattern” 75 ball games of bingo. Switching between the three varieties of game will keep you on your toes!

  • Classical 75 Ball Bingo is where you play to be the first to complete a line horizontally, vertically or diagonally. The game is played on a 5×5 grid and major jackpot prizes are available for players who complete their lines in 9 numbers or less.
  • Multi 75 Ball Bingo allows you to play 3 grids at the same time per entry, with five prizes awarded in each game – making loads of winners! Huge jackpots exist for players who complete the whole of one grid within 50 numbers, with valuable consolation prizes for those who manage a full house within 52 numbers.
  • Pattern 75 Ball Bingo is a game unique to Betsson Bingo and is where patterns are incorporated into the grid, with the aim of the game to complete the pattern rather than the entire grid. As with many other games of bingo on Betsson Bingo, the jackpot values and requirements to get them change from game to game.

The Turbo Bingo Room – This room is also open all day and provides a very quick game of bingo for those waiting for another game to start or who just cannot stand the tension of a 90 ball bingo game. Games in Betsson´s turbo bingo room are based on a 90 ball bingo card, but the game is played until just one horizontal line is complete, with the winner taking all!

Jackpots exist in the Turbo Bingo room for lines which are completed within 8 numbers, and you would be surprised how often that happens! All the above rooms also have “Happy Hour” between 4.00pm and 5.00pm in the afternoon, when tickets for selected games are offered 2-for-1.

Single Bingo – Betsson Bingo also offers players a single person bingo game where you play against the house to try to complete a line or full house within a certain number of balls. You select what price you want to pay for the ticket (between £0.10 and £0.50) and how many tickets you want to play up to a maximum of 198. It is possible to win £150.00 per game on Single Bingo, and this can also be an exciting diversion if you are waiting for another game to start.

Betsson Bingo Side Games

Being part of a comprehensively packed web site, it would seem unnecessarily for Betsson Bingo to provide side games – yet they do! Mini slot machines and virtual poker games are accessible from each of the bingo rooms, with a large choice of games available – many with their own jackpot prizes to be won.

Bingo players are also able to exchange funds from their bingo account across all areas of the Betsson web site which includes dedicated areas for lovers of scratchcards, the Betsson Live! casino and an extensive games section with its own slots and individual jackpot schedules. So, if you are waiting for a specific game which takes place a little later on, you can pre-purchase your tickets and pass the time winning money elsewhere on the site.

Betsson Bingo Chat

Maybe it is the conservative nature of the Swedish (Betsson was originally a Swedish company), but there does not seem to be the same amount of jovial chin-wagging in the Betsson Bingo chat rooms as there is on more “British” web sites. This is not necessarily a bad thing, and we know a number of bingo players on sites with a more active chatroom congregation who prefer to remove the chat pane from their screen so that they do not have to put up with constant “gushiness” from the chat moderators.

If you prefer to enjoy your online bingo with a little peace and quiet, you may find the lack of much chat an attractive feature of the site. You should also like the facility to customise your game settings to mute the caller (wouldn´t that be a blessing!), remove the sound effects and extinguish the music –although the music is generally pretty good. Announcements about the length of time there is until the next game and the prize money which is available are automatically popped up onto your screen, so there is no chance of missing anything.

Betsson Bingo Account Set-Up

Setting up an account with Betsson Bingo is so easy! There is only one page on which you have to enter your personal details and in no time at all your welcome email is in your inbox. It is always advisable to read the terms and conditions before you click on the “Create Account” button, and although you are immediately put through to the deposit section, you do not have to make a deposit straight away to access Betsson Bingo – you can simply click on the red “x” at the top of the screen and organise your banking later if you want to browse around the site first.

Being a large international company, Betsson Bingo do not accept all the debit and credit cards that you may find accepted in your home country. Obviously they accept Visa and MasterCard (although you cannot withdraw funds to a MasterCard), and also prepaid credit cards such as Speedcard and Entropay. You can use the prepaid services of UKash and PaySafe, e-wallets such as Moneybookers and Neteller, or make your deposits and withdrawals by bank transfer – although these may take a few days to show in your account. All online transactions are protected by PCI data security standards for your protection.


If you are an experienced online bingo player, you might be interested in playing on Betsson Bingo for the different type of experience you gain from it (as well as the money!). Betsson Bingo uses a different type of software for their bingo games, which makes the games fantastically smooth and the whole site a lot better than some others you may have visited.

Novice and experienced players will both benefit from the welcome bonus offered by Betsson Bingo and the simple, yet effective, choice of poker rooms in which to play. New players will appreciate Betsson Bingo´s “How to Play Bingo Online”, but for a more comprehensive explanation, head over to our own Online Bingo Tutorial where you will find a complete Bingo Glossary.

Bingo jackpots are far more attainable on Betsson Bingo than they are elsewhere on the web, and if you want to accompany your bingo entertainment with the potential for a massive jackpot win, Betsson Bingo is possibly the site for you.