Woodbridge resident wins the lottery four times in a row

Lottery and bingo players are divided into categories, with some claiming that the only way of being a successful player is by using a system or strategy. They claim that a select few have cracked the code and now are reaping the benefit, while others believe that pure luck and positive thinking are the only things that help. Those who side with the latter will find additional arguments in the article posted three months ago at http://www.play-internet-bingo.com/how-can-positive-thinking-enhance-bingo-experience/.


The former have very few arguments simply because there are not many lottery players who won the main prize several times in a row. In fact there are very few who succeeded in winning sizable amounts and that’s what makes Melvyn Wilson of Woodbridge so special. The former postal worker won four lottery prizes in the last eight years and the most recent amount of $500,000 took his total lottery earnings to a bit over $2 million.

Before getting overly excited and using this story as an argument in favor of allegedly miraculous lotteries systems and strategies, people should know that Mr. Wilson is no lottery guru. In fact he is not a big fan of traditional lottery games and made this small fortune by focusing his attention on scratch cards tickets. This explains why he needed to win four prizes to exceed the barrier of $2 million, given the fact that most lottery jackpots are considerably larger.

Having said this, his performance is every bit as remarkable and the fact that Melvyn Wilson confirmed that there is no science behind his success, should encourage regular players. The first time he won, the prize was a mediocre $25,000, but this was only the beginning and 2005 was his lucky year. Eight years ago he won two more scratch cards tickets, with one of them making him $500,000 richer while the second granted him an additional million.

It comes as no surprise that following these consecutive successes Melvyn chose to quit his postal worker job and is now enjoying a peaceful retirement. For more than seven years he kept purchasing lottery tickets with moderation but it was only in 2013 that he won another major prize. Once again he scooped half a million and although he has plenty of money in his bank account, he will probably keep playing just to see how long will his luck last.