William Hill to open first casino in Las Vegas

Not so long ago, land-based casinos were dominating the industry and the idea of online gambling taking over was dismissed as wishful thinking. Some of the successful brick-and-mortar casinos decided to expand over the Internet, but things have changed and William Hill is now planning on opening its first casino in Las Vegas. The celebrated British bookmaker and online gambling operator is contemplating the possibility of expanding on the other side of the Atlantic.

The obvious choice would have been to open a land-based casino in Atlantic City, but given the state of the gambling industry here, this decision was slightly changed. Even though Las Vegas is trailing Macau in terms of total revenue and profits, it still attracts millions of tourists every year. William Hill plans on establishing a permanent position here and it looks like the new project will include both a casino and a bookmaker. It all depends on how their plans concur with existing legislation.younewb

Other European companies are contemplating the possibility of opening casinos or bookmakers in the United States, with Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey being the most tempting places. William Hill will start with a small staff, more precisely they will run a race book and sports bookmaker at the SLS Las Vegas casino. This is a relatively new casino that opened its doors in Los Angeles but it already has a total of 800 slot games and dozens of playing tables.

The partnership between the SLS Las Vegas casino and William Hill means that members will enjoy the best service while benefiting from the latest technologies. The VIP experience will remain the same and highrollers are expected to flock to the new venue, given the aggressive advertising campaign. The competition is intense here and it just got tougher, because if European operators bring their wealth of knowledge and resources, traditional gamblers will be provided with more opportunities.

An important event that occurred in Las Vegas this month was the winning of the jackpot in the popular Lion’s Share slot. This game had a reputation of being impossible to beat, with players trying and failing over the last four decades or so. Finally it bestowed a huge amount of $2.4 million upon the Misco family and changed their lives for the better, with Walter and Linda winning it all and ending what many consider to be a curse.