The Football Carnival starts at Coral Casino

On one hand, the World Cup 2014 has ended, with German footballers and fans being the ones celebrating victory this time. Things will probably be different four years from now, but there is no reason for football fans and casino enthusiasts to wait that long. At least those who have an account with Coral Casino need not to worry, because there is plenty of action to go around these days thanks to the immensely popular Football Carnival slots.

The fact that this slot machine has its own dedicated promotion whose terms and conditions can be found in the official webpage at definitely helps its cause. Those who decide to deposit a minimum amount of €10 and spin the reels will receive an equal bonus right away, with no strings attached. It is a great way to get started and since there are no restrictions regarding the use of these particular promotions in conjunction to other campaigns, players have plenty of ways to boost their bankroll.playinternet

Speaking of which, the other promotion that runs in parallel with this one, invites players to connect for better rewards. It is all about being reimbursed when luck turns its face away, with a significant percentage of the money lost being returned to the players account at the end of the week. Coral has established a strong position in the UK market and there are plenty of shops where players can purchase the Connect Card that makes them eligible for this promotion.

There is more than meets the eye about this card, which can be used to withdraw funds from a local shop and is just as effective for online gambling. What the gaming operator tried to achieve and brilliantly succeeded was to unify the bundle of services it offers. It is now significantly easier for players to bet in both land-based venues and over the Internet, using the same account and having unrestricted access to their funds.

Until recently, players were frustrated by the otherwise fortunate situations when they won a lot of money during the weekend. Since this is the time of the week when they play a lot, it is no coincidence that over the weekend players tend to win or lose significant amounts. With the new connect card, it is much easier to withdraw funds as the payment is processed without the outside intervention of a bank, that doesn’t work from Fridays to Mondays.