Palms Casino takes action against winning player

It is not unheard of for land-based casinos to act against customers, especially when they suspect the latter of any form of wrongdoing. Most of the time, the case is simple with the customer trying to offset the house edge by resorting to unconventional techniques that are not allowed by the casino. While some players have no hesitations in cheating, others are simply trying to bend the rules or take advantage of new loopholes that might exist.

The case of Phil Ivey who tried to exploit the problems with certain playing cards at the game of baccarat is by now famous. The poker player is involved in two such scandals, on both sides of the Atlantic and a decision is yet to be reached in his case. There are much fewer cases of bingo players who got slammed with such scandals, but wherever money is involved and human error can occur, it would be a mistake to rule out such a possibility.UFC president Dana White

By contrast, those who choose to play Internet bingo have very few reasons of concern, because the software does everything, which mitigates the risk of errors. As long as the companies that operate the bingo games are honest and audited on a regular basis, players have very few reasons to be concerned. All they need is to have luck on their side and a smart bankroll management to aspire to win every now and then and stay afloat.

In the land-based casino industry, the case of UFC president Dana White is all over the news, after action was taken against him by Palms Casino. What makes this situation very interesting is that the ones who own the casino didn’t make any accusations against the player who won significant amounts at blackjack tables. He competes at nosebleed limits quite frequently and he is a regular custom to many land-based casinos in Las Vegas.

In this line of work, winnings come and go, but apparently Mr. White was very successful and he won a lot of money and Palms casino. The reaction from the gaming establishment was surprising to say the least, as they decided to mitigate the losses by limiting his freedom. He was given the choice of playing at lower limits for gamble elsewhere and apparently none of these choices were to appealing for the UFC president.

He made a big deal about these limitation and told the media that he doesn’t consider this sort of treatment to be fair, but declined to say whether he would take his business elsewhere or not. The truth is that there are not many alternatives when it comes to gambling in land-based casinos, but Caesars is one of them. At some point in the future, Mr. White might consider making the transition to online gambling, as there are plenty of casinos over the Internet that run successful higher limit blackjack games.