New games keep players on their toes

Lottery players are widely regarded as creatures of habit, and it is fairly easy to tag them like this given the fact that they purchase tickets regularly without getting too involved. This way of gambling has very few perils and players can enjoy the games for decades without placing an unnecessary burden on their budgets. Those who develop and organize lottery games, are hard pressed to make the right choice of whether releasing a new title or improving existing ones.


Every now and then, they take a leap of faith and come up with a new game hoping that it will keep players on their toes and lead to a significant hike in sold tickets. Scratch off lotteries are perhaps the best example and the one that was recently announced by the N.C. Education Lottery is definitely worth mentioning. What makes it special is that it draws inspiration from one of the most popular franchises in the history of television and should appeal to a very specific audience.

There is no Star Trek themed scratch off lottery out there and this one should cash in on the huge popularity of the six movies. Furthermore, Disney’s announcement of releasing a new installment should further boost sales although there is no guarantee that Star Trek fans will flock to lottery stores. The first tickets already went on sale but it is too early to come up with a definitive conclusion about the chances of the new lottery game to be a hit.

The organizers hit a soft spot by adding a special prize which resides in an all-inclusive trip to Las Vegas for two lucky fans who will attend the Star Trek convention held there. This will happen in the summer, and more than the cash prizes themselves these rewards should provide the Star Trek community with the impetus to join the game. Only time will tell how many tickets these fans will purchase, but even if only a fraction of them get hooked to the game the lottery organizers will benefit greatly.

The worst-case scenario is for them to purchase one or two tickets as memorabilia rather than hoping to win a prize, but this isn’t a terrible thing. Non-fans are also expected to play the new game simply because it is something that was recently released and this acts as a magnet for lottery players from all walks of life. There are five jackpots and each of them is worth $20,000, with hundreds of lower tier prizes that should convince players that the Star Trek themed scratch off tickets are worth giving a chance.