Learn All About Playing Internet Bingo

Online Bingo is gaining immense popularity and people of all ages and from all countries are enjoying online bingo. People from countries where gambling is illegal are able to play the game through the Internet. It is a favorite pastime for many while some play to try their luck at earning extra money. Internet bingo is a very simple game with equally simple game rules.

Internet bingo games are very convenient and you can play at any time suitable to you. Internet bingo offers you a choice to play bingo either for real money or even just for fun. Fun games do not need you to pay any cash to play your bingo games. You have to pay to play real money bingo games. Internet bingo also offers huge jackpots.

Some game sites charge membership fees while some others charge you for the bingo cards. Such an internet game helps you make many friends while interacting with other players through chat rooms.

How to Play Online Bingo Games

Bingo cards are of 5 x 5 grids. There are specific squares in the bingo cards. Each square other than the center square has a number. The center square is the free space. The card contains any numbers between 1 and 75 in American Bingo. Australian and British Bingo cards have numbers from one to 90.

Columns have headings with the alphabets B, I, N, G, and O. Numbers 1 to 15 are in column B, 16 to 30 in the I column, 31 to 45 in the N column, 46 to 60 in the G column and 61 to 75 in the O column. Called numbers appear as B-12, I-20, N-34, G-52, and O-69.

You have to purchase a bingo card to start with your game of Internet Bingo. You can select your bingo cards from 50,000 cards. Sometimes, bingo sites present random selection of the cards with the help of special software.

You can buy with either real money to play real money games or with fun money to play fun bingo games. You can buy as many cards as you can manage. However, most internet sites allow a maximum of 32 to 50 bingo cards for a single player. Few other sites automatically allocate same number of bingo cards to all players to do away with the advantage of players having more number of bingo cards.

The winning pattern for the game session appears on the screen. Such winning pattern could be five numbers in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal alignment. Coverall or Blackout is to match all available numbers on the bingo card.

Numbers appear on the screen according to random selection. You have to mark the numbers on your card that match with the called numbers. Markings should be accurate and swift as called numbers appear within an interval of ten seconds. Some bingo sites automatically mark the matching numbers on your cards. You do not have to search for the numbers.

Manual or automatic marking continues until someone completes matching all numbers with the called numbers in the necessary pattern for the session. Player matching numbers on the bingo cards according to the pattern calls out “Bingo” and is the winner of the game for that particular session.

The game site verifies all called numbers with the numbers on the card and thereafter declares the player winner of the session. If there is more than one winner, they split the winnings among them. After awarding the prize, a new bingo game starts on the Internet all again with new cards.

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