Landscaper finds winner New York lottery ticket in the leafs

playinternetIf you go about your daily work and are completely dedicated to your job, there is a good chance to be promoted one day and receive a raise. What is less likely to happen is to become a millionaire, especially if you work as a landscaper, but sometimes life is stranger than fiction. A New Yorker happened to find a rugged lottery ticket while blowing the leaves and luckily for him, he didn’t throw it away but took it home to compare the numbers against the winning ones.

The ticket proved to be a winner and the amount that the landscaper was entitled to was a cool $1 million, but there were a couple of obstacles to overcome before cashing it in. Lottery officials were skeptical about the idea that the ticket was actually found and that’s why the landscaper had to wait for almost one year before being presented with the prize. The purpose of this delay was to give the actual winner a chance to step forward and claim the money had the ticket been stolen from him.

Nobody showed up though and one year after discovering the winning ticket among the leaves, the lucky landscaper became a millionaire. Only half of the amount will be credited to his account with the rest to go to state coffers as a result of taxation, but it is nevertheless a hell of a payday for him. Marvin Rosales-Martinez was in the spotlight for a while as the media was unwilling to let go of such a story, but he remains grounded and has no intentions of splashing out.

The lottery that made him rich goes by the name of “Win for Life” which is a suitable title in this case and it makes several millionaires on a weekly basis. The number of players who purchase lottery tickets increases sharply when the size of the jackpot grows, but this game is every bit as popular even though the same amounts are awarded after each drawing.

It is uncertain whether the recent winner will start playing the lottery or not, as he is one of the exceptions to the rule stating that you can only win if you play. With more than half a million in his bank account he can easily take a vacation and even quit his job as a landscaper, despite the fact that this activity was the one landing him the boon.