How does software glitches affect players

playinternetOne of the reasons for why many casino enthusiasts refused to make the transition from land-based establishments to online counterparts is that they didn’t completely trust the software. The prospect of playing for real money and losing as a result of faulty programming or downright fraud is intimidating. Over the course of time many of these doubts have been put to rest by online casino operators that are audited by reputable companies and have a track record of excellence.

Those who play Internet bingo, share the same worries as lottery and slot machine fans and that’s why when a new story hits the online environment, it spreads like wildfire. Apparently, a player at the Blue Chip Casino in Michigan City witnessed in disbelief how the slot machines which he was playing at displayed the staggering amount of $28 million. Overwhelmed by joy, she was upset to find out that casino representatives swarmed the slot machine, worried about a software glitch.

She was playing at penny slot games so the odds of winning so much money were slim to none, but this didn’t have a deterring effect on her. There was no disclaimer regarding the possibility of casino operators to avoid any winnings caused as a result of faulty software, on the other hand there was no payout structure suggesting that she could’ve won $28 million either. The supervisor decided that the huge jackpot was in fact a software error and as a result refused to make the payment.

Instead, the casino operators chose to give her two steaks for dinner, which the player promptly refused and demanded proper compensation. The case has been forward to the gaming commission which is analyzing the manner in which the software might have misfired, but so far no conclusions were reached. Assuming a similar situation occurs over the Internet, it is even more difficult for the player to prove that it even happened, with print screens being hardly reliable evidence.

Bingo players are given new reasons not to trust computer programs and even worry if they weren’t already stripped of their rightful profits. Time will tell how Blue Chip Casino executives will handle the case and whether they will eventually provide Jennifer Carmin with a more generous compensation for the malfunctioning slot machine. The fact that this is not a singular case and it comes two years after the incident where a man won $57 million but was denied payment doesn’t help. You can read all about it at$57-million-casino-says-software-glitch/.

It would be excessive to let this kind of incident completely shatter your trust in casinos both online and land-based ones, especially with most of them running legitimate businesses. What needs to be said is that there is no reason to assume that something like this could possibly happen in a brick-and-mortar establishment. Anything is possible so if you value convenience and the inherent advantages of online casinos, you could try bingo over the Internet instead of traveling to your local venue.