Online Bingo History

From obscurity to multibillion industry

Bingo was available on the internet as early as the 1990s and in 1996 a bingo site named Bingo Zone was launched by Boston-based nineCo. Playing bingo at Bingo Zone was free for the players, which meant that Bingo Zone didn’t need a gambling license. The prices came from sponsors who were allowed to place adds at Bingo Zone. In order to play bingo at Bingo Zone, players were required to share certain demographic information about themselves. This information was used to display targeted adds, which meant that advertisers were willing to pay quite a lot to have their adds on Bingo Zone.

Another early bingo site was, launched the same year as Bingo Zone and famous for attraction non-traditional bingo players, such as men and young adults. In 1997, the average bingo player at Bingo Zone was just 32 years old. Also, 42% of the players were men. Just like Bingo Zone, used advertisers to pay for their bingo prices and they quickly attracted a lot of big names, such as AT & T, Microsoft and Sony.

In 1998, Uproar launched Bingo Blitz – a product mirrored on their widely successful quiz game Trivia Blitz. Although Uproar did have their own site, their main business idea was to let other web sites offer their games. Web sites in need of content could easily integrate Bingo Trivia and Bingo Blitz into their existing offer, thereby getting a steady stream of repeat visitors.

Today, we are used to having access to online bingo 24/7 year round, but that hasn’t always been the case. Back in the 1990s, would be closed six hours a day. Another main difference between then and now was the lack of e-wallets and other transaction solutions on the world wide web. The predecessor of PayPal wasn’t launched until 1998, Neteller began processing online gambling payments in July 2000 and Moneybookers (today known as Skrill) opened for business in April 2002.

If you wish to play bingo online today, you have a myriad of different sites to chose among. A long row of methods are available for deposits and withdrawals, and finding bingo sites that are open around the clock is certainly not difficult.