Is Bingo a waste of money?

Before proceeding with a certain action, people should ask themselves whether it is worth pursuing in this direction or not. Those who do so are going to have an easier task in setting goals for themselves and are less likely to get suckered into activities that bear no benefits only risks and shortcomings. Gambling is something that has to be treated with maximum attention, and even though the game of bingo is not regarded as a highly addictive and dangerous one, it still deserves a second look.

It is enjoyed by millions of people from many countries and due to its simplicity, the number of players is always on the rise. The fact that online casinos have introduced bingo in their offer, further amplified its popularity and the outlook is favorable to say the least. Old-school players are still visiting bingo venues several times a week and prefer to play there for the sake of human interaction and socializing. Both categories of players sometimes ask themselves the same question “is bingo a waste of money?”.

The opinions are every bit as different as they are when the same question is asked about the lottery game, and both the supporters and detractors are very convinced. When it comes to lottery, the polarization is obvious and websites such as paint a very accurate picture. While there are several differences between the game of bingo and the additional lottery games, the similarities are just as numerous and significant.

First there are those who consider that bingo and any other game that is based on numbers and depend exclusively on luck are a complete waste of time and money. As arguments, they bring the fact that players are pit against crushing odds and the overwhelming majority of players never win anything significant. Since there is no way to influence the result and skill doesn’t play any role whatsoever, many critics are suggesting the fact that lottery and bingo are nothing more than another tax on foolish hope.

It is very difficult to argue with the mathematics and a quick glance at how the odds look, is enough to raise several questions. The truth is that there is no reason to actually expect to win a lottery jackpot, and the safest way to play bingo is by expecting to end the session with less dollars than you initially had. The bottom line is that those who are not impressed by either lottery nor bingo suggest that the money could be better spent on other things or at least invested into games that have a lower house edge.

In the other corner, we have those players who are not only enthusiastic about bingo, but are genuinely convinced that they will eventually win. While there is nothing wrong in being optimistic, especially in bingo where winning is not such an unlikely prospect as in lottery, everything needs to be done with moderation. The only way of increasing your odds is by purchasing more tickets, but this shouldn’t trigger a shopping spree that would only amplify the expenses to the point where they become unaffordable.

When played with moderation, bingo and lottery have the advantage of costing very little and they demand minimum user involvement. The advantage of bingo is that you socialize with people who share your passion for the game and for many this is an excellent way of spending an evening. When it comes to lottery, what counts is the fact that in exchange of a few dollars, you get to keep the dream of becoming a millionaire alive. The odds might be insignificant, but for many this is the best chance they have got.

It is only safe to say that bingo is not a waste of money, at least no more than going to the movies or having a drink with your friends is. What really matters is for the players to enjoy themselves while playing bingo, even when the outcome is not winning a prize. Accepting the fact that the odds are not in your favor and focusing on the numerous upsides of bingo, should be enough to offset the small expenses that buying the tickets imply.


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Useful advices for big time bingo winners

It us just as important to know what to do with an impressive amount won in a lottery or bingo draw as it is to actually win the prize. Granted the odds of winning are lower in conventional lottery the jackpots are higher, which makes it a fair trade. Bingo players win much more often but their amounts are of lower magnitude and in most cases they don’t need special counseling about what to do with the newfound wealth. The exception to the rule comes in case of bingo tournaments, where the prizes are boosted by the organizers, and the lucky winners can cash in a major prize. 10 common sense recommendations that big-time winners should take into consideration. With a bit of tweaking, some of them can be applied to bingo winners, especially to those who win major tournaments that are organized online. Perhaps the most important thing is not to brag about the winnings, but this is easier said than done because most winners feel an overwhelming urge of spreading the news. Ideally the only ones who should know about the prize you won should be family members and close relatives.

When strangers find out about your good luck, the first thing on their mind is to take advantage of the situation and leech cash. Media attention is not necessarily a good thing because the news spreads quickly and uncontrollably, and the winner gets harassed. Some go a step further and attempt to drag you to costly lawsuits, that even if you shake off are going to lead to a lot of money spent on lawyers. Another thing that winners should do is to prepare for the new life, because winning a jackpot in either lottery or bingo tournaments is bound to lead to a significant change.

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Fear of taxes motivates lottery winner

You might think that winning the largest jackpot ever awarded by the Powerball lottery, would make someone immune to any financial worries, but this is obviously not the case with the latest winner. The lucky player from Arizona shared the jackpot with a couple from Missouri and his first concern was to cash in the prize before the end of the year. The reason he was in such a hurry, is that he has little confidence in the manner in which the Republicans and Democrats will solve the fiscal cliff issue.

Given the fact that one of the main consequences of such a grim scenario would be a steep increase in taxes, those who cash in lottery jackpots are the main victims. Even now, a significant part of the prize will be kept by the authorities, not to mention that the lottery strips the winner of an additional amount if he opts in for the lump payment. In these circumstances it is easy to understand why the Arizona winner made it his number one priority to complete the transaction as soon as possible. Lottery officials were quite responsive and in less than 24 hours after the request was made, the money was transferred.

Those who win smaller amounts are probably less concerned about what might happen if the fiscal cliff scenario becomes a reality, but they shouldn’t take the issue lightly. The bottom line is that no matter how fortunate you were to match the winning numbers, and regardless of the amount that you are about to be awarded, there is no reason to forsake a significant part of it. The rules of the game state that a part of the lottery winnings will be held as taxes, but it is the player’s responsibility to make sure that the amount is as low as possible.

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Dos and Don’ts in online bingo

Playing by the rules is what will keep you safe no matter what type of casino game you prefer, and even a relatively straightforward one as bingo needs to be played properly. Over the Internet, this game is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week, so players can enjoy it whenever they have the time. Whether you play for fun or actually hoping to make some money off it, you should know which are the do’s and don’ts in online bingo.

Among the things that players should do is looking for the bonus balls when they are offered, because this is a safe way of boosting wins. The same applies to deposit bonuses and other welcome promotions, but make sure that there are no strings attached and that the requirements are reasonable. You wouldn’t want to have your money blocked with no way of withdrawing them without losing the bonus or even worse stuck it completely. When choosing your online bingo hall, make sure that it has the auto daub function, so you won’t have to check all of the called numbers by yourself.

If you have the money, don’t be cheap and focus on slightly more expensive games, because the ratio between the investment and bonuses is better here. There is nothing wrong with interacting with other players, as chatting can enhance the gaming experience by making online bingo the social game that you grew to love. As for the things that you should avoid, one is not to persevere or even increase the wagers during lengthy losing streaks, because this will only amplify the losses. Also don’t trust people who claim to have a foolproof recipe and miracle systems that if purchased, will help you beat the odds.

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Are Top tier systems mandatory for online bingo?

Most computer games at least all those recently released demand a powerful system to run smoothly, and this is why many bingo enthusiasts fear that they need a top tier machine to enjoy their game online. Since there are so many online casinos that have including bingo in their offer, and each presents its members with a slightly different version it comes as no surprise that the requirements differ from case to case. For Microsoft Windows platforms, you don’t need to worry a lot because most configurations are perfectly suitable for all types of bingo games that are currently played online.

Anything above Windows 2000 Personal Edition would suffice, and as little as 512 megabytes of RAM will power the bingo game decently well. Naturally, the more RAM the better, and a couple of gigabytes of hard disk memory are also required. Having the latest Internet browser installed is very important for those who prefer to play the instant versions of the game instead of downloading any software. Those who own Apple computers are also in luck because a relatively cheap 500MHz PowerPC G3 processor and 512 MB RAM should work wonders.

In both cases having the latest flash player from Adobe is recommended and also a reliable antivirus application is necessary for protecting the computer. Equally important is to only download software from trustworthy online casinos that have a reputation to preserve. The best proof that you don’t need a top tier configuration to play bingo is that nowadays most smart phones are powerful enough for running the game smoothly. Players should -heck whether the casino they prefer offers a game of bingo that is compatible to the operating system on their smartphones and their specific device.

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Effective Pick 3 lottery systems

The prizes might not be as high as in Powerball or Mega Millions, but those who choose to play Pick 3 lottery do it because they have a better chance of winning. It comes as no surprise that many bingo enthusiasts are also among those who purchase tickets regularly, because they like the simplicity. To win one needs to choose a number from 0 to 999 and then wait for the draw to see if the predicted number is selected. Most players don’t want to bother themselves with the selection process and since very few have a lucky number ranging between the aforesaid values, they prefer the quick pick solution.

If you’re among those who want to take a more personal approach, you should know that some strategies are more popular among Pick 3 lottery players. If you don’t like your chances of having a number drawn, you don’t have to play the straight which implies that you only have a chance to win. The odds are a puny 0.1% and the payout is of only $500, which means that players receive only half of amount they deserve. While the payout doesn’t get any fairer by choosing the box bet, players have two more chances of winning an amount of $160. They only need one of the three numbers that share the digits they chose.

Crossover strategies exist for this kind of lottery, and among the most popular hybrids is the straight box system where players win with both the exact number and one that would qualify for a box bet. The payouts are more balanced and amounts such as $290 or $330 can be won. Those who are happy with less for the sake of better odds can play the front and back pair systems where they only need to predict the first and the last two digits.

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Behind The Scenes With… Wink Bingo

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at your favourite gambling website? Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at your favourite gambling website? Ever pondered about how they compile the sports betting odds or invent new games or promotions? For the first of a new series here at, we had a chat with Holly from Wink Bingo, about how she helps to run the popular online bingo website on a day to day basis, what she is involved with and what makes her tick. For a sneak peek into the busy world of Wink Bingo, with everything from free cars to players getting married, check out the first of our brand new “Behind The Scenes With…” series!

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Online Bingo – Get To Know Your Chat Moderator

Bingo - Chat ModeratorsAll online bingo sites are buzzing with chatter, just like a real bingo hall. The social aspect is what keeps people coming to play bingo, so it is important that the chat is plentiful and above all, friendly! With that in mind, most sites employ what are known as Chat Moderators, or simply “CMs”. But what do they do?

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Bingo On A Budget?

Bingo On A BudgetBingo appeals to players for many reasons. Apart from the fact that playing bingo is exciting, easy to learn and has a real social element to it, it is also very cheap to play! So if you’re looking for a cheap thrill, you’ve definitely come to the right place!

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The Changing Face Of Bingo

Online BingoYou might think that bingo is a game for elderly ladies, but it would appear that you are wrong! The face of Bingo is changing dramatically and it’s all thanks to online bingo. You should get involved, or you’ll be missing out! Don’t believe us? Read on!

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