Powerball overtakes Mega Millions in sold tickets

Powerball overtakes Mega Millions in sold ticketsOne of the most popular ways of ranking lottery games is based on the jackpot they regularly pay, with American lotteries standing at the top of the list. Most of the games available to US-based players are famous for awarding prizes that frequently exceed $100 million and they also hold the record for the biggest payout ever awarded. While this criteria frequently pops up when players are discussing popular lotteries, there is another way of ranking the games.

One of the inherent strengths of a popular lottery is that it sells many tickets and if we are to find the best lottery in the world based on the number of tickets sold, Mega Millions and Powerball are the first ones to come to mind. The Powerball has the advantage of being released 10 years before its counterpart, which means that players got the chance to get accustomed with the game and dream of winning the jackpot.

On the other hand, the Mega Millions is merely the sequel of another immensely popular game and with the transition being silky smooth, lottery players got adjusted to the new title right away. One reason for why this lottery sold more tickets than the Powerball for almost a decade, is that it holds the record for the biggest jackpot ever won. Three players split a total of $656 million, an amount that was on the verge of being surpassed a couple of days ago.

In the end, the jackpot failed to cross this psychological threshold and only two players split the $600 million. Surprisingly or not, it is the Powerball that holds the record for the most tickets sold on a weekly basis, having an average of 25 million tickets purchased by lottery enthusiasts. The popularity of the game was constantly on the rise and not even the fact that the price of tickets was doubled in early 2012 had a deterring effect on the players.

Those who want to take a closer look at the numbers and see how the Powerball matches up against the Mega Millions, should head on to The vast majority of US states a part of the multistate compact and season agreement was signed a couple of years ago, the retailers can sell tickets for both lotteries. This was an import catalyst that pushed both lotteries into overdrive and it is only fair to assume that in the foreseeable future, no foreign lottery will outstrip the Powerball when it comes to the number of tickets sold.

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What to know about scanned bingo tickets

internetbingoThe main advantage of playing bingo over the Internet, is that players get to enjoy the game from the comfort of their home and claim the prizes without unnecessary delays. Regular online bingo is as straightforward as it gets, with players relying on the random number generator and the software for making the game unpredictable, therefore fair.

State lottery sometimes organize bingo games and although these competitions follow slightly different formats, the core rules still apply. As a result, those who fancy the idea of purchasing tickets online might be inclined to follow the same steps towards acquiring bingo tickets. Assuming the local lottery doesn’t run such a game but you still hope to compete in this online/traditional bingo hybrid, the obvious solution is to work with a bingo agent.

Essentially, these people purchase the tickets on your behalf, in the same manner they would if you chose to play the lottery. One way of handling the situation is by physically shipping the ticket to the rightful owner, who gets to compare his numbers against the winning ones after the drawing takes place. This is the most straightforward solution and also the most reliable, because the winners don’t have to worry about the temporary owners of the tickets stripping them of their profits.

The other alternative is for the handlers to simply scan the bingo ticket and send it in electronic format to the owner, so that he knows for sure that the tickets were bought. The solution has the advantage of decreasing the risk of having misplaced bingo tickets and you can check the numbers on the go, while being 100% sure that if you win, you will receive the just compensation. The same applies to the scanned lottery tickets and as a result, players need to apply the same filters when contemplating security issues.

To start with, they need to make sure that the operator they work with is reliable and has a flawless track record. There is always the risk of misplacing your trust and the only way to mitigate this risk is by undertaking comprehensive research, before choosing one operator or the other. By reading reviews about how these intermediaries handle the tickets and how they meet their end of the bargain, prospective players will know what kind of business they run.

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Lottery player wins record $120 Million Cash prize

$120 Million Cash scratch-off game sets new recordIt is not customary for scratch off tickets to make millionaires, at least not to the same extent as traditional lottery, but then again this is what makes the exception so memorable. The $120 Million Cash games are immensely popular with players from North Carolina and purchase thousands of tickets every week. Every now and then, a lucky winner takes home a significant amount and this time it was Martin Hughes who won a payout of $3 million. The article at tells his story.

Without being a hardcore lottery player, he occasionally shops for tickets and scratch off games are his favorite due to the fact that profits can be claimed right away. In the vast majority of cases, the prizes won in these lotteries are symbolic and most of the winners barely cover the price of the tickets. Nevertheless, the reels are just the same and the prospect of winning a seven digit amount one day is what channels the hopes of tens of thousands of players.

The Fayetteville man was not hell-bent on purchasing the 120 Million Cash scratch-off ticket but since he was already in the shop purchasing crackers, he chose to put his love to the test. While savoring his snack, he realized that behind the scratch-off number was hidden a $2 million payout which lottery representatives confirmed right away. Obviously, it took a while for the idea to sink in, but once the enthusiasm dwindled, Hughes started to make plans for the foreseeable future.

His short-term plans, include an investment in a lucrative company and the purchase of a new home, but the vast majority of the cash will be stored safely into a bank account. A relatively new addition to the NC Education lottery, the 120 Million Cash is gaining a lot of traction and the number of ticket buyers is on the rise. It might seem a bit surprising that people are willing to spend at least $20 for one ticket, but due to the fact that the game has a nice conversion rate, many are willing to make the investment.

Winners get to decide between a lump payment and the annuity, with Martin opting-in for the former even though this means that he will only receive $1.2 million. For North Carolina this is a new record but given the popularity of the game and the increasingly high number of players, it is only fair to assume that the new threshold will be crossed in a not so distant future.

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Lottery addiction rampant in China

playintThe road to hell is said to be paved with good intentions, and this rings particularly true to Chinese legislators who tried to contain the peril of addiction caused by gambling. The authorities go to great lengths to make sure that the audience is not exposed to these risks, but their approach is highly debatable and so far doesn’t deliver expected results. Their idea to deal with the risk is to ban all forms of gambling and leave the state as the sole operator, with lotteries being ran exclusively by the government.

The bottom line is that Internet bingo is just as illegal in China as sports betting game brick and mortar venues and there are severe consequences for those who break the law. This means that people are left with very few options and one of them is to purchase tickets in one of the state ran lotteries. Stories of people who lost everything because they simply couln’t pull the ripcord and spent all their money on tickets have transpired, and one recent tale is the one of Xiao.

For obvious reasons he chose not to disclose his identity but the name is less important than the story he narrates and which should serve as a cautionary tale for other players. It all began with Xiao running a prosperous venture and owning several apartments and cars, when he decided that he should try to win the jackpot. Instead of winning hundreds of millions, he ended up losing 6 million yuans in a bit over six years and sold his apartments and cars to fuel his addiction.

Not surprising, his wife eventually left him but that didn’t put an end to his spending spree, with Xiao reporting that at one time he was betting as much as $3000 per day. To realize the magnitude of this problem it is worth mentioning the fact that he had people hired to purchase tickets on his behalf and paid them the equivalent of $500 per month. Nothing went his way and at the end of the cycle he only has a prize of 400,000 yuan to brag about, nothing more than a drop in an ocean.

Xiao’s example is just one of many and Chinese authorities do very little to address the underlying cause of addiction and simply try to deal with the consequences. Most of those who purchase tickets are low income individuals, but this case clearly shows that there are exceptions to the rule. Obviously, no lottery is foolproof and those who are hell-bent on purchasing tickets will always find a way around the rules and nobody can stop them in their self-destructive path.

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Understand the difference between a raffle and a lottery

Lottery players are rarely looking for alternatives and they are more than satisfied with their game of choice, despite the fact that the odds are not great. Even when they are provided with very similar alternatives such as a raffle, only a handful respond positively while the majority remain silent. In order to make the transition from one game to the other or playing both, it is important to understand which are the similarities and differences between the two types of games.


A distinction needs to be made between the two games to start with it is important to say that a raffle doesn’t allow you to choose your favorite numbers. Players can only purchase the tickets with numbers already inscribed and hope that their series is extracted after the draw. The obvious downside is that if you were hoping to have certain numbers, you will have to forsake the idea of having them on your ticket.

There is also a silver lining to it, and it consists in the fact that when playing in a raffle, there is no risk for nobody winning the prize. At the end of the draw, it is guaranteed that one of the participants will be awarded the jackpot, because the winning ticket is always extracted. Another benefit consists in the fact that unsold tickets are not added into the plastic bowl, so only valid ones enter the draw. In a raffle, there would be no rolled over jackpots, and each time players compete for exactly the same amount.

The draws themselves are virtually identical in both cases and regardless of what type of game they choose, players will watch the exact same procedure. Tickets can be purchased at the same retailers, with the difference residing in the fact that those who focus on raffles can buy tickets featuring more numbers. This translates into better chances to win, but the tickets are also more expensive and players need to take this fact into consideration.

It is impossible to predict the outcome of both traditional lotteries and raffles, so the use of intricate strategies and wheeling systems is more or less useless. Luck is the only factor that determines the outcome of a draw, and players regardless of background or experience have the same chances to win.

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Bingo gives back to communities

Lottery players who win sizable amounts frequently give something back to the community and they look after their friends and family first. It is a natural instinct to share wealth and for those who organize bingo competitions it is even more important to be selfless. Ritz Bingo for instance runs a very lucrative business and has more than enough resources to make a generous donation every now and then.


Castleford Tigers are the latest beneficiaries as the team will enjoy an increased sponsorship for the upcoming season. This should improve their chances of finishing on a top spot in the Super League in 2013 as the money committed by Ritz Bingo will allow the management to purchase better players and increase the bonuses for existing ones. Alan Gamban the manager of the aforesaid company told the media that they are happy to support Castleford Tigers and that more money would be coming their way.

As for the beneficiaries of this new deal, the only concession they need to make is to have Ritz Bingo logo featuring on their match day tickets. It is not only a small price to pay but also an act that consolidates the bond between the two parties, strengthening the community as well. Castleford Tigers and the bingo company have a proud tradition and their values align brilliantly, which make it a natural partnership that should be mutually beneficial.

The idea of having a respected local venture supporting the club is exciting for both the Tigers and their fans, because there is a good chance for this sponsorship to be extended next year. These days it is very difficult for a small community club to raise money and if it wasn’t for local companies willing to give something back after experiencing success, they would be left struggling.

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New games keep players on their toes

Lottery players are widely regarded as creatures of habit, and it is fairly easy to tag them like this given the fact that they purchase tickets regularly without getting too involved. This way of gambling has very few perils and players can enjoy the games for decades without placing an unnecessary burden on their budgets. Those who develop and organize lottery games, are hard pressed to make the right choice of whether releasing a new title or improving existing ones.


Every now and then, they take a leap of faith and come up with a new game hoping that it will keep players on their toes and lead to a significant hike in sold tickets. Scratch off lotteries are perhaps the best example and the one that was recently announced by the N.C. Education Lottery is definitely worth mentioning. What makes it special is that it draws inspiration from one of the most popular franchises in the history of television and should appeal to a very specific audience.

There is no Star Trek themed scratch off lottery out there and this one should cash in on the huge popularity of the six movies. Furthermore, Disney’s announcement of releasing a new installment should further boost sales although there is no guarantee that Star Trek fans will flock to lottery stores. The first tickets already went on sale but it is too early to come up with a definitive conclusion about the chances of the new lottery game to be a hit.

The organizers hit a soft spot by adding a special prize which resides in an all-inclusive trip to Las Vegas for two lucky fans who will attend the Star Trek convention held there. This will happen in the summer, and more than the cash prizes themselves these rewards should provide the Star Trek community with the impetus to join the game. Only time will tell how many tickets these fans will purchase, but even if only a fraction of them get hooked to the game the lottery organizers will benefit greatly.

The worst-case scenario is for them to purchase one or two tickets as memorabilia rather than hoping to win a prize, but this isn’t a terrible thing. Non-fans are also expected to play the new game simply because it is something that was recently released and this acts as a magnet for lottery players from all walks of life. There are five jackpots and each of them is worth $20,000, with hundreds of lower tier prizes that should convince players that the Star Trek themed scratch off tickets are worth giving a chance.

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First Powerball lottery draw for California residents

The Powerball has been shattering record after record in the United States and 2012 was a particularly good year for the lottery. 44 states have embraced the game and now it is time for Carolina to become one of them, which is a reason to rejoice for its residents. Way too long, they have been deprived of the chance of becoming millionaires by simply purchasing tickets with one of the most popular games nationwide. The days of crossing state borders or asking friends to purchase tickets on their behalf are over, and now Californians can freely buy tickets and wait anxiously for the next draw.


The first draw was held on Monday and this marks the beginning for many years of prosperity for lottery players and organizers alike. The Powerball is not only one of the games that awards the highest jackpots in the world, but also one of the lotteries that sells most tickets. Whether they play it on their own or join syndicates, players are competing for thousands of prizes scattered throughout several winning categories.

Speaking of lottery syndicates, they present players with great chances to win without spending a lot of money, and are worth the attention. There is always the risk of syndicates backfiring as can be read in the article published at Those who are finding these joint ventures attractive should make sure that they join ones that are setup on clear and straightforward rules, to prevent any misunderstandings.

For California, the addition of Powerball is great news and everyone will benefit from the introduction of America’s favorite lottery. Players compete for jackpots that routinely exceed $100 million, while charitable organizations and nonprofit foundations are bestowed millions as well. Even the ones who sell the tickets can enhance their budgets, because those who are lucky enough to be selling the winning once will receive a cool 1% of the jackpot.

State officials among all else are thrilled that Powerball has finally penetrated California borders, as lotteries are known to be a great source of revenue. The money-strapped state is in dire need of any source of financing and Powerball money is just as good as any tax, without the side effects of upsetting the public. The game itself benefits from California joining, because its customer base will be greatly enhanced with all the millions of new players purchasing tickets from the Golden State.

It’s only a matter of time until a player from California will scoop the jackpot and bring the fiesta on the West Coast. 2013 could easily see new records being broken, especially now that the price of a Powerball ticket stands at two dollars instead of one. Since the game was introduced in America, billions of dollars have been won and charities have received billions too. It is only safe to assume that the Powerball will continue its expansion in the remaining five states and now that it has entered California it is here to stay.

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Is it worth using mobile lottery apps?

Very often technology comes to the rescue, and software developers have created numerous apps for the plethora of mobile devices that have flooded the market. They serve different purposes and some of them are downright revolutionary, with mobile lottery apps being a great example. They were designed to cater for lottery players worldwide and many of them work in conjunction with the most popular lotteries. Not all of them are free to use, which means that prospective customers should analyze the benefits and shortcomings before deciding whether to buy them or not.


One of the perks that most mobile lottery apps share is the ability to provide users with the latest results, moments after the draws take place. Especially for those who choose to play lotteries that are held in another country, it is practical to receive the winning numbers on the mobile devices. This doesn’t only simplify things greatly but also saves them time, and if there is no price tag associated to this kind of convenience, it is even better. Fortunately for users even the most basic applications have incorporated this function, and there are plenty of them out there:

Those who also use the mobile devices for purchasing the tickets would have it easier to match their numbers against the winning ones. Pretty much all important lotteries such as the Powerball, Mega Millions and Euromillions are covered, and some apps are designed in such a way that the users can add lotteries of his own to the watch list. Some lottery players are not satisfied with quick pick systems and use complex strategies when choosing the numbers they are about to play. This is where the mobile lottery apps come in handy, as they provide users with a constant flux of data about cold and hot numbers.

It is for everyone to decide whether there is any truth behind due numbers or they are nothing more than a placebo for lottery players. What is important is that the mobile lottery applications have this function and will speed things up for those who believe in such numbers. At the opposite end of the spectrum there are people who are looking to simplify the process of choosing lottery numbers and these users appreciate the addition of random number generators. They use features similar to the Lucky Dip and all it takes is one click for the apps to produce a new set of numbers.

Very few lottery players are interested in learning the news and they try to keep the games entertaining without knowing a great deal about them. For those who want to stay up to date with everything that happens in this industry, the mobile lottery apps are a godsend. They provide a stream of fresh news and feed the users with the latest information, but more important they tell them which lotteries have the highest jackpots, so they can channel their resources and energy on those particular draws.

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When syndicates go wrong

Lottery syndicates works very well for bingo players, because the idea is to purchase more tickets without spending a lot of cash. The members of the group, pool money together and at the end of the day they split the profits, not to mention that there is no risk of missing out on the opportunity to purchase tickets. While the advantages outshine the shortcomings, it comes as no surprise that every now and then syndicates go wrong and the members are drawn into huge scandals.

The best example comes from Indianapolis, where some hairstylists chose to tag along and create a lottery syndicate. It was all fun and games until one of their tickets actually won the jackpot, and the members were supposed to split $9.5 million. Apparently everything should’ve gone smoothly, but the one who acquire the tickets claimed that the money for the winning one came out of her pocket. As a result, she refuses to split the millions with her former colleagues, and in return they took legal action.

Among the first things that the lottery group chose to do was to file a restraining order, so that the money couldn’t be cashed in before the final verdict. The situation is really unpreventable regardless of how well organized the lottery syndicate is, so bingo players should keep it in mind when setting up such a group. On the other hand, if the rules of the game are clear and there is a written contract, it is only a matter of time until those who are eligible for the money will receive their share.

In this particular case, the seven hairstylists who consider to have been stripped by what was rightfully theirs, hired an attorney and they now hope that justice will be served in court. The one who actually bought the tickets refuses to talk to her former colleagues or to the media and she also quit her former job. Lottery officials are powerless as they can only hope for a verdict before awarding the prize to whoever presents them with a valid lottery ticket.

It is way too early to anticipate and make any predictions, because in the absence of a written contract it is very difficult to prove stuff based on verbal agreements. Anyone interested in joining or creating a bingo syndicate should draw some lessons from this case and avoid similar predicaments.

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