A new loyalty scheme announced by Betfred Casino

Betfred Casino has an attractive welcome package for those who open a real money account regardless of what type of gambling they are interested in. Getting players fully immersed into the gaming experience is one thing but keeping them wired is an entirely different challenge. This is why the loyalty scheme is so important and the existing one has been revamped, to make it downright irresistible for players.

A new loyalty scheme announced by Betfred Casino

All the promotions that run live at this online gambling company can be used in conjunction with the loyalty scheme, but this is the exception rather than the rule. Basically, players accumulate points whenever they perform actions that involve real money and they can safely apply for bonuses. They are not mutually exclusive and as long as players respect the individual rules of each campaign, they can consolidate their bankrolls and also progress with the loyalty ladder.

Players accumulate points at a slightly faster pace than they did in 2014 and these points can also be converted into money at a better rate. Players will win twice as much and the race will be further reduced, which should encourage members to be more active than ever before. For every 100 points for, players will receive one euro and this applies to those who have acquired bronze status, because the silver, gold and platinum players enjoy better conditions.

Wagering €10 to receive one point is was players should know, because this is the standard ratio and it applies to all qualifying games. There are hundreds of them overall, so you don’t have to settle for a title that you don’t necessarily enjoy or one that you’re not familiar with. It makes no difference if you end up winning or losing money as a result of playing games, because points will be accumulated at the same rate. It pays off to attain a VIP level, because this will also allow you to participate in special tournament and access bonuses that are restricted to regular players.

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Mr Green Casino offers even more freebies this October

October is about to end, which will leave many Mr Green Casino disappointed because as the month concludes, so will the numerous promotions. The online casino runs an aggressive campaign over the Internet and is very active on social media, with being one of the places where information about the promotions can be found.

playinternetThe hottest campaign is the Vanilla Cash Drops which runs on a weekly basis and will provide players with a chance to boost their account each Thursday. To say that time is of the essence would be an understatement, because players only have 24 hours to cash in on this rare opportunity. The best case scenario is to walk away with €250 in cash, but a consolation prize of five euros is in order, as well as a potential winning of a double-digit.

Everything is absolutely random, which is actually a good thing if you consider yourself lucky, because everyone has the same chances of winning. Under normal circumstances, there would be an indissoluble link between the amount wagered and deposit by players, and the payouts. With this campaign, it makes no difference if you are a highroller, or just a new member trying to get by, because you will have exactly the same chance to prevail.

The only thing that players should do is to download the PC version of the Cash Drop slot game and spin the reels as much as possible. In this case, volume does matter and if you spend a lot of time on the website and play the game, you will have a better chance of winning. In conjunction with the standard cash booster of euros representing a 25% matched deposit, this campaign can make your online gaming experience memorable.

Assuming you didn’t read the fine print, know that this promotion is only available to those players who happen to be located in United Kingdom. The reason for why this happens is that Mr. Green casino tries to test the waters with this campaign and if it reaches its potential, it will be expanded to players from other countries. As for the wagering requirements, players will need to spin the combined amount 35 times before it is transformed into cashable funds.

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William Hill to open first casino in Las Vegas

Not so long ago, land-based casinos were dominating the industry and the idea of online gambling taking over was dismissed as wishful thinking. Some of the successful brick-and-mortar casinos decided to expand over the Internet, but things have changed and William Hill is now planning on opening its first casino in Las Vegas. The celebrated British bookmaker and online gambling operator is contemplating the possibility of expanding on the other side of the Atlantic.

The obvious choice would have been to open a land-based casino in Atlantic City, but given the state of the gambling industry here, this decision was slightly changed. Even though Las Vegas is trailing Macau in terms of total revenue and profits, it still attracts millions of tourists every year. William Hill plans on establishing a permanent position here and it looks like the new project will include both a casino and a bookmaker. It all depends on how their plans concur with existing legislation.younewb

Other European companies are contemplating the possibility of opening casinos or bookmakers in the United States, with Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey being the most tempting places. William Hill will start with a small staff, more precisely they will run a race book and sports bookmaker at the SLS Las Vegas casino. This is a relatively new casino that opened its doors in Los Angeles but it already has a total of 800 slot games and dozens of playing tables.

The partnership between the SLS Las Vegas casino and William Hill means that members will enjoy the best service while benefiting from the latest technologies. The VIP experience will remain the same and highrollers are expected to flock to the new venue, given the aggressive advertising campaign. The competition is intense here and it just got tougher, because if European operators bring their wealth of knowledge and resources, traditional gamblers will be provided with more opportunities.

An important event that occurred in Las Vegas this month was the winning of the jackpot in the popular Lion’s Share slot. This game had a reputation of being impossible to beat, with players trying and failing over the last four decades or so. Finally it bestowed a huge amount of $2.4 million upon the Misco family and changed their lives for the better, with Walter and Linda winning it all and ending what many consider to be a curse.

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Participate in the Cash Race to Kick-Off with Betfair Casino

August started on a positive note for Betfair Casino members, with a brand-new campaign being introduced and aimed mostly at those who frequently wager on sports. The Cash Race to Kick-Off campaign has started and it will come to an end on August 18, so time is of the essence for those who hope to win a significant cash prize.playinternetbingo

The online casino also runs a very successful bookmaker, which has the particularity of pitting players against each other, rather than the house. This means that they can benefit from better odds as a result of superior competition, while all the wagers placed will also trigger the accumulation of loyalty points. For every action, a point is awarded with these points being eventually converted into entry tokens for the upcoming draw.

For the time being, only those who reside in Denmark, Portugal, Republic of Ireland and United Kingdom are eligible for this promotion. Given its popularity and the fact that many Betfair Casino members reside in other European countries, amendments could be made before the end of the campaign. In order to make sure that you are on the right track, it is recommended to log into your account every day to see how many points you earned and where you sit in the leaderboard.

The online casino will bring them up to date, but it is a key prerequisite for winning a prize to log in everyday, which requires a minimum effort. Even though several promotions run in parallel with this particular campaign, members should know that they can’t be used in conjunction. Accumulating points for one campaign would mean that the other will be put on hold until the active one comes to an end or you reach your objective. Those who end up winning a cash prize will have the money credited to their account no later than three days after the promotion concludes.

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The Football Carnival starts at Coral Casino

On one hand, the World Cup 2014 has ended, with German footballers and fans being the ones celebrating victory this time. Things will probably be different four years from now, but there is no reason for football fans and casino enthusiasts to wait that long. At least those who have an account with Coral Casino need not to worry, because there is plenty of action to go around these days thanks to the immensely popular Football Carnival slots.

The fact that this slot machine has its own dedicated promotion whose terms and conditions can be found in the official webpage at definitely helps its cause. Those who decide to deposit a minimum amount of €10 and spin the reels will receive an equal bonus right away, with no strings attached. It is a great way to get started and since there are no restrictions regarding the use of these particular promotions in conjunction to other campaigns, players have plenty of ways to boost their bankroll.playinternet

Speaking of which, the other promotion that runs in parallel with this one, invites players to connect for better rewards. It is all about being reimbursed when luck turns its face away, with a significant percentage of the money lost being returned to the players account at the end of the week. Coral has established a strong position in the UK market and there are plenty of shops where players can purchase the Connect Card that makes them eligible for this promotion.

There is more than meets the eye about this card, which can be used to withdraw funds from a local shop and is just as effective for online gambling. What the gaming operator tried to achieve and brilliantly succeeded was to unify the bundle of services it offers. It is now significantly easier for players to bet in both land-based venues and over the Internet, using the same account and having unrestricted access to their funds.

Until recently, players were frustrated by the otherwise fortunate situations when they won a lot of money during the weekend. Since this is the time of the week when they play a lot, it is no coincidence that over the weekend players tend to win or lose significant amounts. With the new connect card, it is much easier to withdraw funds as the payment is processed without the outside intervention of a bank, that doesn’t work from Fridays to Mondays.

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Palms Casino takes action against winning player

It is not unheard of for land-based casinos to act against customers, especially when they suspect the latter of any form of wrongdoing. Most of the time, the case is simple with the customer trying to offset the house edge by resorting to unconventional techniques that are not allowed by the casino. While some players have no hesitations in cheating, others are simply trying to bend the rules or take advantage of new loopholes that might exist.

The case of Phil Ivey who tried to exploit the problems with certain playing cards at the game of baccarat is by now famous. The poker player is involved in two such scandals, on both sides of the Atlantic and a decision is yet to be reached in his case. There are much fewer cases of bingo players who got slammed with such scandals, but wherever money is involved and human error can occur, it would be a mistake to rule out such a possibility.UFC president Dana White

By contrast, those who choose to play Internet bingo have very few reasons of concern, because the software does everything, which mitigates the risk of errors. As long as the companies that operate the bingo games are honest and audited on a regular basis, players have very few reasons to be concerned. All they need is to have luck on their side and a smart bankroll management to aspire to win every now and then and stay afloat.

In the land-based casino industry, the case of UFC president Dana White is all over the news, after action was taken against him by Palms Casino. What makes this situation very interesting is that the ones who own the casino didn’t make any accusations against the player who won significant amounts at blackjack tables. He competes at nosebleed limits quite frequently and he is a regular custom to many land-based casinos in Las Vegas.

In this line of work, winnings come and go, but apparently Mr. White was very successful and he won a lot of money and Palms casino. The reaction from the gaming establishment was surprising to say the least, as they decided to mitigate the losses by limiting his freedom. He was given the choice of playing at lower limits for gamble elsewhere and apparently none of these choices were to appealing for the UFC president.

He made a big deal about these limitation and told the media that he doesn’t consider this sort of treatment to be fair, but declined to say whether he would take his business elsewhere or not. The truth is that there are not many alternatives when it comes to gambling in land-based casinos, but Caesars is one of them. At some point in the future, Mr. White might consider making the transition to online gambling, as there are plenty of casinos over the Internet that run successful higher limit blackjack games.

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New York unveils new Cash 4 Life lottery

June 13 will be a special day for those New York residents who frequently purchase lottery tickets, because a new game will be introduced. The New York Gaming Commission has finally announced its intention of rolling out a brand-new game that goes by the name of Cash 4 Life lottery. The name is supposed to shatter all doubts about what this lottery is all about, as the winner can expect to receive $1000 a day for the rest of his life.

When something sounds too good to be true it usually is, but on this particular occasion, the game is not only fair but also extremely reliable. Given the fact that the New York gaming commission endorses the lottery and the prizes are guaranteed by the local authorities, prospective players have no reason to doubt the fairness of this lottery.playinternet

The new game was introduced as a result of a vote taking place with commission members agreeing to allow players from New Jersey to participate as well. Ohio and Virginia residents are also expected to tag along once Cash 4 Life kicks in, sometime in mid-June, so the success of the new game is virtually assured. While this is an entirely new game, it replaces Sweet Million, one that the gaming commissions thinks that failed to meet the high expectations.

The price for the new games starts at two dollars and the drawings will be scheduled on Monday and Thursday. The rules are straightforward, with players being instructed to select five numbers ranging from 1 to 60 and a special one that goes by the name of cash ball. This special pool of numbers has just four balls and the one who matches all six numbers will win $1000 per day for the rest of his life.

Making players rich is one of the intended results of Cash 4 Life, but the state of New York will also be the top beneficiary. A significant amount is expected to go to state coffers, with the estimations revolving around the number of $25 million. This would represent an improvement of $9 million if compared to the previous lottery, so if these predictions prove to be correct, then you lottery will be here to stay.

Check out the complete prize structure below as well as the odds of winning:

Match Prize Odds
5 numbers + Cash Ball $1,000/day for life 1 in 21,846,048
5 numbers $52,000/year for life 1 in 7,282,016
4 numbers + Cash Ball $2,500 1 in 79,440
4 numbers $500 1 in 26,480
3 numbers + Cash Ball $100 1 in 1,471
3 numbers $25 1 in 490
2 numbers + Cash Ball $10 1 in 83
2 numbers $4 1 in 28
1 number + Cash Ball $2 1 in 13
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The truth behind frequent lottery and bingo winners

There are basically two category of lottery players, the ones who play by ear and enjoy the game and those who try to take an analytical approach to the game. The same goes for bingo players, although in this case there are fewer people willing to invest a lot of time and energy to find a winning system. The Internet is full of books and guides that allegedly teach players how to improve their chances, but the vast majority of them are absolutely useless.frequent lottery and bingo winners

Even so, every now and then lottery officials discover with surprise that there are some people who win more often than others. Florida lottery announced recently that it discovered a strange thing about the game they run, with some players winning a lot of money over the last couple of years. They are not talking about lucky players who won the jackpot twice, but ones that collect rather small amounts often.

The investigation showed that more than 200 people won amounts that exceed $600 and the case of one Pompano Beach was particularly dubious. He won in excess of $700,000 from a total of 250 lottery tickets over just six years, which defies the odds. The most straightforward and reasonable explanation for this occurrence is that someone is cheating and this would not be the first case of criminal activity associated to lottery games.

Sometimes the clerks steal the tickets from unsuspecting clients, while on other occasions there are people who act as ticket cashers. The idea is to take the money themselves and then share it with the rightful winner, so the latter won’t have to pay any taxes, or child support. Criminal organizations are also big fans of ticket cashing, because this provides them with an excellent method of laundering money.

The lottery acknowledge the fact that they’ve been running their own investigation and several clerks were caught red-handed. They were sent to prison but no announcements were made, something that will change now in order to reassure the customers. This should also have a deterring effect on those who might be tempted to steal money, while addressing the issue of strange frequent winners.

Another measure that might help on the long run is developing a software that can monitor frequent winners, so that their identity will be known by the officials. The idea is to keep track of all these people, so whenever suspicions arise regarding their activity, they could be easily found and questioned by the authorities. Only time will tell whether Florida lottery will impose the same restrictions that similar organizations have, regarding the ability of lottery clerks to play the game.

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How does software glitches affect players

playinternetOne of the reasons for why many casino enthusiasts refused to make the transition from land-based establishments to online counterparts is that they didn’t completely trust the software. The prospect of playing for real money and losing as a result of faulty programming or downright fraud is intimidating. Over the course of time many of these doubts have been put to rest by online casino operators that are audited by reputable companies and have a track record of excellence.

Those who play Internet bingo, share the same worries as lottery and slot machine fans and that’s why when a new story hits the online environment, it spreads like wildfire. Apparently, a player at the Blue Chip Casino in Michigan City witnessed in disbelief how the slot machines which he was playing at displayed the staggering amount of $28 million. Overwhelmed by joy, she was upset to find out that casino representatives swarmed the slot machine, worried about a software glitch.

She was playing at penny slot games so the odds of winning so much money were slim to none, but this didn’t have a deterring effect on her. There was no disclaimer regarding the possibility of casino operators to avoid any winnings caused as a result of faulty software, on the other hand there was no payout structure suggesting that she could’ve won $28 million either. The supervisor decided that the huge jackpot was in fact a software error and as a result refused to make the payment.

Instead, the casino operators chose to give her two steaks for dinner, which the player promptly refused and demanded proper compensation. The case has been forward to the gaming commission which is analyzing the manner in which the software might have misfired, but so far no conclusions were reached. Assuming a similar situation occurs over the Internet, it is even more difficult for the player to prove that it even happened, with print screens being hardly reliable evidence.

Bingo players are given new reasons not to trust computer programs and even worry if they weren’t already stripped of their rightful profits. Time will tell how Blue Chip Casino executives will handle the case and whether they will eventually provide Jennifer Carmin with a more generous compensation for the malfunctioning slot machine. The fact that this is not a singular case and it comes two years after the incident where a man won $57 million but was denied payment doesn’t help. You can read all about it at$57-million-casino-says-software-glitch/.

It would be excessive to let this kind of incident completely shatter your trust in casinos both online and land-based ones, especially with most of them running legitimate businesses. What needs to be said is that there is no reason to assume that something like this could possibly happen in a brick-and-mortar establishment. Anything is possible so if you value convenience and the inherent advantages of online casinos, you could try bingo over the Internet instead of traveling to your local venue.

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Landscaper finds winner New York lottery ticket in the leafs

playinternetIf you go about your daily work and are completely dedicated to your job, there is a good chance to be promoted one day and receive a raise. What is less likely to happen is to become a millionaire, especially if you work as a landscaper, but sometimes life is stranger than fiction. A New Yorker happened to find a rugged lottery ticket while blowing the leaves and luckily for him, he didn’t throw it away but took it home to compare the numbers against the winning ones.

The ticket proved to be a winner and the amount that the landscaper was entitled to was a cool $1 million, but there were a couple of obstacles to overcome before cashing it in. Lottery officials were skeptical about the idea that the ticket was actually found and that’s why the landscaper had to wait for almost one year before being presented with the prize. The purpose of this delay was to give the actual winner a chance to step forward and claim the money had the ticket been stolen from him.

Nobody showed up though and one year after discovering the winning ticket among the leaves, the lucky landscaper became a millionaire. Only half of the amount will be credited to his account with the rest to go to state coffers as a result of taxation, but it is nevertheless a hell of a payday for him. Marvin Rosales-Martinez was in the spotlight for a while as the media was unwilling to let go of such a story, but he remains grounded and has no intentions of splashing out.

The lottery that made him rich goes by the name of “Win for Life” which is a suitable title in this case and it makes several millionaires on a weekly basis. The number of players who purchase lottery tickets increases sharply when the size of the jackpot grows, but this game is every bit as popular even though the same amounts are awarded after each drawing.

It is uncertain whether the recent winner will start playing the lottery or not, as he is one of the exceptions to the rule stating that you can only win if you play. With more than half a million in his bank account he can easily take a vacation and even quit his job as a landscaper, despite the fact that this activity was the one landing him the boon.

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