Bingo Chat Etiquette

Common online bingo chat room etiquette.

  • You should speak to the Chat Master (CM) politely at all times and respect their authority as it is their job to make sure the games run smoothly and are enjoyable for all players.
  • Don’t use capital letters when typing, as the Chat Masters use capitals to differentiate themselves from other players and so that players can see any instructions clearly. The CM will sometimes use red font instead of capitals and the same rule applies.
  • Treat all fellow players with respect. Abusive or aggressive language is not appropriate and will spoil the experience for all involved. Chat rooms are designed for friendly chat, not insults.
  • Do not use indecent language, this includes (but is not limited to) swearing, racist insults and sexual comments.
  • You should not impersonate other online bingo players in the chat.
  • Be generous and enjoy your winnings, but try not to brag too much to others. Similarly, share in the happiness of other players’ success and congratulate other players when they win.
  • When playing bingo online, choose a screen name that is appropriate. If you choose a humorous screen name, consider first other bingo players and whether they might view the name as being in bad taste.
  • Do not endorse or advertise any other online bingo sites during chat.
  • Do not gossip about other players, especially if they are not present in the room.
  •  Do not solicite other players for gifts or loans of money.
  • Welcome the newbies (the new players) into the chat room with your experience.

Chat rooms are a great way to make new friends and share your online bingo experiences with your fellow players.  By following the rules above everyone can have a great time.