Bingo Chat

When online bingo began to emerge it met with quite fierce resistance among bingo players who feared that playing bingo on the internet would remove the social aspect of the game. Today, this is no longer a concern since a vast majority of all bingo sites have bingo chats where you can communicate with other bingo players. Instead of making do with the people who frequent your local bingo hall you can get new bingo friends from any part of the country – or even get to know people on the other side of the world if you pick an international bingo chat.

7 advantages of bingo chat

  • You can chose how active you want to be each day. If you just want to be alone and focus on the game, you don’t even have to start the chat. In a local bingo halls outside the internet you may be dragged into conversations with overly talkative people who can’t take a hint even when you would prefer to be alone, but this is not the case in bingo chats online.
  • You can chose how much you want to reveal about yourself. If you don’t want people to know what you look like or in which city you live, simply keep that information to your self.
  • You can get to know people that you would never have met if it wasn’t for your shared interest in bingo, such as people who live in another town.
  • In many countries, local bingo halls are chiefly frequented by retired ladies. Bingo chats online tend to contain a more heterogeneous mix of old ladies, young lads, new parents, middle aged workers, etc. Young and old, men and women, white collar and blue collar, high earners and poor students – we all love to play bingo online!
  • Since bingo sites are open 24/7, so are bingo chats. If you feel like chatting at 4 a clock in the morning you just need to log in. Visiting a local bingo hall at 4 a.m. is rarely a valid option.
  • You never risk being to loud when chatting in a bingo chat and you don’t have to stop talking just because the the bingo calls have started. ALTHOUGH YOU SHOULD AVOID USING CAPITAL LETTERS ONLY SINCE THAT IS THE CHAT EQUIVALENT OF SCREAMING.
  • You can participate in free chat games and get a chance to win bonus money without risking any of your own.


Bingo community

Some bingo sites have taken the social aspect one step further and is today not offering just bingo chats but an entire bingo community. It’s a bit like Facebook but you don’t have to use your real name and everyone you encounter loves to play bingo. You can create a profile, upload pictures, add bingo friends, etc.