Bingo Bonus

One of the advantages of playing bingo online is the large selection of available bingo bonus offers. Before on accepts any bonus, it is advisable to take a look at the bonus conditions because they can vary greatly from one offer to the other. Even within the same bingo site, some bonus offers can be considerably more generous than others.

To avoid abuse, most bingo bonuses come with a wager requirement or are impossible to withdraw. When a bingo bonus has a wager requirement, the bonus amount (or the bonus amount + the deposit amount + any winnings) needs to be wagered a certain number of times before any withdrawal is possible. In the case of non-withdrawable bingo bonuses you don’t have to worry about any wager requirement because your will never be able to withdraw the bonus – only the winnings it generates.

Deposit bonus

A deposit bonus is exactly what it sounds like – a bonus you get when you make a deposit. Most bingo sites will give you a deposit bonus on your very first deposit, and quite a few will continue to give your deposit bonuses even after that.

The first deposit bonus is usually quite large since bingo sites are eager to attract new members. However, the increased competition online has forced bingo sites to rethink their strategy of only rewarding new members. Today, when there is such as large number of bingo sites available online, it’s equally important for gambling sites to cultivate their relationship with current members to avoid losing them to other sites. This is way we can see an increased availability of deposit bonuses for all members – not just the new ones.

Some bingo sites have regularly occurring deposit bonuses. You may for instance get a deposit bonus on your first deposit every month or every time you refill an account that’s almost completely empty. Others prefer to let their deposit bonuses come as a surprise in the form of campaigns and other time-limited offers. There are also bingo sites that use a combination of both methods to keep their members happy and content. You can find some of them on this bingo portal.

The size of your deposit bonus is usually determined by the size of your deposit (although some bingo sites do have fixed-sum bonuses). You may for instance be offered a 100% bonus up to €200, in which case a €50 deposit will give you a €50 bonus, while a €250 deposit will give you a €200 bonus.

No deposit bonus for bingo (free bingo bonus)

No deposit bonuses are highly sought after since they are given away for free – no deposit required. There are quite a few bingo sites that will give you a no deposit bonus as a reward for signing up. Even before you’ve made any deposit into your account, a small bonus will show up, allowing you to try out the site without risking a dime of your own cash. No deposit bonuses can also be awarded to current members, but giving no deposit bonuses to new members is much more common.

No deposit bonuses tend to be quite small – usually no larger than €10. However, on one of the many bingo sites offering cheap bingo cards even a €10 bingo bonus will be enough to try out a lot of different bingo games. It is not difficult to find bingo sites where the cheapest bingo cards cost no more than €0,10 each or even less.