William Hill Bingo Review

William Hill Bingo SiteWilliam Hill Bingo offers one of the most varied and potentially lucrative bingo experiences on the web. Its wide range of bingo rooms and promotions means that there is always something going on for everybody. Whether you are a social or serious bingo player, an early bird, lunchtime bingo clubber or late night lounger, you will find the William Hill Bingo experience amongst the best on the web.

William Hill is a familiar name to many people in the UK, with its prolific presence of high street bookmakers. The company has been in existence since 1934, and is now publicly traded on the London Stock Exchange. The William Hill Bingo web site forms part of a much larger web which allows players to bet on sports, in the casino, on poker and even trade on the price of gold. In truth, you will find much more excitement (and possibly even gold!) when you play at William Hill Bingo!

William Hill Bingo Welcome Bonus

William Hill Bingo offers new players an exceptional Welcome Bonus of £25.00 free money when they deposit a minimum of just £10.00 and buy a tenner´s worth of bingo tickets. The tickets have to be purchased within 48 hours of first registering on the site to qualify and, like most other sites, you cannot withdraw the £25.00 bonus – just the money you win from playing bingo with the tickets.

The bonus is automatically credited to your account – there is no need to have to claim it – and one of the great things about William Hill Bingo is that there is no expiry date on your bonus, so if you donñt use it up within a month it is still there for you to play with! New players will also be able to participate in all the William Hill Bingo ongoing promotions, which include free bingo and cash bonuses for bonus games played in the chat rooms.

William Hill Bingo Ongoing Promotions

In a fiercely competitive marketplace, William Hill Bingo is one of the most innovative promoters of the game. In 2010, they held a year long competition with a superb £50.000 grand finale in December. They also run week long promotions for shopping vouchers, free bingo tickets and huge cash prizes and each month pre-announce their “Specials” so you are always well informed of what is going on.

BOGOF Games (Buy One Get One Free) always seem to be popular amongst the William Hill Bingo promotions as do ITG (One Number To Go) consolation games. Certain days are dedicated for regular promotions, such as “Cometh the Ton”, where the guaranteed prizes for winning a full house increase by £100.00 every hour, and “Nifty Fifty” when the prizes for one line, two lines and a full house are all £50.00!

Regular Promotions include the chance to win free whole bingo sessions, wonderful cash bonuses for your account and gift giveaways. The “winners” tab on the home page is full of winners from over the past twelve months who have benefitted from a William Hill Bingo promotion, so the “promotions” page is one that you should always visit when playing William Hill Bingo because you never know what they will think of next!

William Hill Bingo Rooms

If you are looking for variety in your bingo, you have come to the right place! 90 Ball Bingo is played in (deep breathe!):-
Main Room – This is where you will find the biggest games, the biggest prizes and the biggest number of players. Look out for Last Chance Saloon games played in the Main Room – exclusively for those who has purchased a strip of tickets and not won!

Community Room – The Community Room is the chattiest room on William Hill Bingo and the one you should head for if you like great giveaways and free bingo. Free scratchcards are given out every 30 minutes top players who have not yet won a game to give a chance of making your visit to the Community Room a winning one!

Deal or No Deal Room – Based on the popular TV game show, the Deal or No Deal room offers winners of each full house the opportunity to take a cash amount offered by the “Banker” or open the box. What would you do?

Bargain Basement – This is where you will find your bingo as cheap as chips. There are no ticket prices above 5p and four hours of free bingo every Monday night, yet prices can reach over £100.00 a game -* that´s the popularity of the Bargain Basement.

Speed Bingo Room – This room does exactly what it says on the label. Games are played every three to four minutes with prices starting at just 2p per ticket. The Speed Bingo Room also has its jackpot prices if a full house is called within a certain number of balls and, with games played this fast, it goes pretty often!

Willy´s Den – Willy´s Den is a room based on fun and frivolity. There are also some great giveaways too! For example “Willy´s ITG” is when all players with one number left on their card when bingo is called get a consolation prize and whenever any full house in Willy´s Den is called on the number 10, everybody in the game gets a share of a £100.00 bonus.

BOGOF Room – This is fantastic! A bingo room that gives away free tickets every game. Open from 5.00pm every day, the BOGOF (Buy One Get One Free) Room often gives away more than one free ticket with every one purchased, so don’t forget to check the promotions page for details!

There is also an Early Bird Room, Lunch Club Room and a Late Lounge in which 90 Ball Bingo is also played, but we suspect they are all the same room with different soft furnishing to suit the time of day!

If that is not enough for you, how about trying some of the 75 ball and 80 ball bingo rooms:

75 Ball Bingo is played 24 hours a day in the Diamond Room, with a “linx” game played every evening with a £1.000 guaranteed prize. The Stars n Stripes Room celebrates the popularity of 75 ball bingo in the States, but with the emphasis on aiming to complete a pattern on the 4×4 grid rather than covering all your squares.

80 Ball Bingo is played in the Party Room between 4.00pm and 8.00pm (UK time) every day, with the final hour offering two tickets for the price of one. As you may guess from the name, this is a very social room as well with plenty of free giveaways, and if you want to play 80 ball bingo outside these hours, you have the option of visiting the Variety Room, where a rotation of 75, 80 and 90 ball bingo is played on the “Fair Play for Everyone” scheme – where the maximum number of tickets players can buy is limited.

William Hill Bingo Side Games

If you get bored of the regular bingo games, there are many other ways to spend your time at William Hill Bingo. The ever popular Joker Jackpot, which is played with a deck of cards rather than bingo balls, is just one of the side games available and there is a whole host of slots, scratchcards and numbers games to enhance the value of your bingo account.

Many roulette players will be delighted to learn that a mini-version of the game is offered amongst the side games on William Hill Bingo, and with chips starting at just 10p, you don’t need to invest a whole heap of money on one of your favourite pastimes. Of course, the biggest attractions are the progressive jackpot slots with their massive prizes waiting for one lucky winner. William Hill Bingo also offers multi-player slot games, where you compete against other players to see who can collect the most points in a limited amount of time and grab the biggest share of the pot.

William Hill Bingo Chat

The chat rooms on the William Hill Bingo site are amongst the most animated on the web. There is always something going on in the chat column, and this is the area of the bingo room where it pays to participate. Free game tickets and cash prizes are given away in the most outrageous side games, and it is worth keeping an eye out for double numbers (eg 11, 22, 33 etc) and those ending in the number 9 (eg 9, 19, 29 etc) if you want to take advantage of the most common prizes.

A full list of the bingo chat side games in which you can win some valuable prizes are published on the “promotions” page, and before you go leaping in aiming to be the “Karaoke Queen” and win yourself a bingo bonus, it might be worth learning a few bits of bingo lingo so you can fully understand what is going on. William Hill Bingo has a small section dedicated to the chat you might come across while playing bingo on their site, but you can also review our Bingo Chat Glossary in our Guide to Playing Online Bingo.

William Hill Bingo Account Set-Up

Opening an account with William Hill Bingo is simplicity itself. Once you have entered your personal details, you are asked to create a user name for yourself, insert a password and select the currency you want to play in. You can pick a security question which is used if you ever lose or forget your password and enter any promotional code you have been given. You should really read the terms and conditions of using the site, and you also have the option of receiving details of special promotions through your email or phone (always a good idea if you want to get the best deals).

Then you are asked to select your payment method. This can be changed at a later date (if you change cards or want to pay by a different method) and we just love the way that they limit the amount you can deposit with your credit card to £99.000! Have you got that much on your credit card?! A live chat facility and a UK Freephone number are available to use if you get stuck anywhere, and once you have finished organising your banking, you are ready to start playing bingo.

William Hill Bingo Additional Features

There is so much to investigate on the William Hill Bingo site beyond the bingo that it is difficult to know where to start. Check out the “Our House” page in which you can meet the Chat Moderators and find out what they are really like, create a profile and develop a “buddies list” so that you can see when you favourite roomies are online or read the “winner´s stories” and discover how a first time bingo player scooped a major jackpot on a 93 billion to one chance!

Being part of the very big William Hill organisation, bingo players can also swap funds between other elements of the site. If you fancy a flutter, you might want to have a bet on the gee-gees, you could try your “hand” in a game of poker or pretend you are in Wall Street and back the future performance of the Dow Jones Index. Most people however will find the choice of bingo games more than enough to keep them occupied.

William Hill Bingo Summary

What a brilliantly comprehensive site. You could live in the bingo rooms, such is the warmth of the chat moderators and other players, and you would never get bored with so much to do. Taking advantage of the Welcome Bonus is an excellent way to get started on William Hill Bingo, but remember that you have to register your account, make your first deposit and play through £10.00 of bingo tickets within 48 hours – or you will miss out!

Therefore, don’t delay. Get your registration done as soon as possible and start to enjoy the fantastic bonuses and wonderful experience that are available with William Hill Bingo!