Paddy Power Bingo Review

Paddy Power BingoPaddy Power is one of the most innovative and entertaining gaming sites on the web, and when they included Paddy Power Bingo amongst their gaming options, it was always going to be big, colourful and fun. An excellent selection of bingo games is complimented by Paddy Power´s multiplayer side games, progressive jackpot virtual slot machines and lively chat rooms. Paddy Power Bingo also offers new bingo players a superb welcome bonus, ongoing promotions and loyalty scheme as well as a comprehensive video tutorial which explains how to make the best use of all the wonderful features on the site.

Paddy Power is one of the leading UK and Ireland online sports betting and virtual games providers who also have an exceptionally active poker side to their web site, sponsoring such prestigious events as the Irish Poker Open and the Student Poker Masters. Since December 2008, Paddy Power Bingo has been integrated into the main Paddy Power web site and also joined the Virtue Fusion Bingo Network – offering players a wider choice of games, more bingo jackpots and a huge range of fantastic promotions.

Paddy Power Bingo Welcome Bonus

The Paddy Power Bingo Welcome Bonus is an incredible 400% on your first deposit of five pounds/euros. You simply play your five pounds/euros through on bingo games within 48 hours and Paddy Power Bingo will credit your account with twenty pounds/euros more. You cannot take the twenty pounds/euros out of your account, but you have 30 days in which to spend your welcome bonus on tickets for bingo games and everything you win – you keep!

New players who qualify for their twenty pounds/euros bonus are also invited to a “New Players Party” on the first day on each month with two hours of free bingo with some exceptionally rewarding cash prizes up for grabs. Plus, Paddy Power Poker has an exclusive “Seventh Heaven” promotion currently running, where players who play cash games on seven different days within the preceding month will be invited to play for free in a special event.

Paddy Power Bingo Ongoing Promotions

Being such an innovative web site, you will find that Paddy Power Bingo regularly changes their ongoing bingo promotions. The first thing you may need to look out for if you are thinking of getting involved in one of the short-term bingo promotions is when it ends, because you want to make sure that you have a good chance of benefitting from it. Whereas some promotions only run for a specific number of hours (Money-Back Monday for example, where if you do not win a prize in selected games, your stakes are refunded or Last Chance Saloon, where all losing bingo players are awarded with a free scratchcard), some competitions run for a month´s duration and can offer prizes of several thousand pounds/euros.

Dozens of free bingo games are run every day with prizes awarded in Bingo Bonuses which can be saved up and converted into cash or used to purchase entries for more valuable bingo games. The “Promotions” button on the Paddy Power Bingo home page is the best place to find what is going on – with tabs linking to each day´s events, the games with guaranteed prize funds, the valuable linked games, freebies and all the Paddy Power Bingo ongoing promotions which run every day of the week.

Paddy Power Bingo Loyalty Scheme

The Paddy Power Bingo Loyalty Scheme is one of the best in the industry, and it is no surprise that players keep returning to the site week after week. As well as your initial Welcome Bonus, the more you play, the more bingo bonuses (BBs) are credited to your account. You get one bingo bonus for each pound you spend on Paddy Power Bingo games, and if you accrue five hundred bingo bonuses or more in a week, 2% of all the money you spent is refunded to your account (For example – is you managed to collect six hundred bingo bonuses within a week, you would receive £12.00 for free).

If you accrue more than fifteen thousand bingo bonuses, the cashback rate goes up to 3%, twenty five thousand points entitles you to receive 4% of the previous week´s stakes back and if you manage to collect fifty thousand bingo bonuses, the rate goes up to a whopping 5% – that is £2.500 each week for doing something that you love!

It may seem like collecting fifty thousand bingo bonuses in a week is a tall order, but there are free bingo games each day with hundreds of BBs given as prizes and on site competitions running throughout the week to increase your BB ranking. Furthermore players collecting a loyalty bonus are regularly invited to private “free rooms” where you can win additional cash prizes and bingo bonuses to help with the following week´s target. Once you are playing with Paddy´s money, you will find those bonuses will come quicker than you can imagine!

Paddy Power Bingo Rooms

Paddy Power Bingo offers players one of the largest choices of bingo rooms on the Internet, with seven distinct rooms from which to choose. Not all the rooms are open at all times – if you fancy playing bingo after having dropped the kids off at school, you may find just a few of the following available:

The Gold Room – The Gold Room is where you will find the majority of the big prize games – and the majority of the online players! Ticket prices vary from games to games, and when there are several hundred players online, each playing multiple cards, the prizes can often be in excess of £500.00 – and there are very few times of the day which can be regarded as off-peak! Networked games are also played in the Gold Room, creating bigger prize funds for you to capture, and three progressive jackpots are permanently in play for winning a fill house in a selected number of balls.

Sapphire Room – The Sapphire Room is a little more modest in its prices, prizes and popularity, but with fewer players involved in the games, it gives you a greater chance of winning! Again, tickets prizes vary from game to game, and this is room worth keeping an eye on for bingo games with guaranteed prizes which are undersubscribed! The Sapphire Room also runs two progressive jackpots for claiming a full house within a certain number of balls. Generally, the targets set in the Sapphire Room are a little more lenient than in the Gold Room so the jackpots are won more often.

Bargain Basement Room – The Bargain Basement Room is bingo for pennies. Prizes can still top £50.00, so it is worth a visit from time to time and the Basement Bargain Room is where you will find all the hourly free games with five pounds/euros up for grabs between the three winners. Even the Bargain Basement Room has its jackpot opportunities with two progressive jackpots available for completing a full house within a certain number of balls. Don´t be put off by the “Bargain Basement” label – there are some great games going on in the Bargain Basement Room and the main progressive jackpot is approaching £50.000! That´s the kind of bargain we like!

Deal or No Deal Bingo Room – 90 Ball Bingo with a twist! The Deal or No Deal Bingo Room offers a game of bingo with a difference. Played in the same way as a regular 90 ball bingo game, the winner of the full house gets to select a bonus prize of either whatever is in the “Players Box” or what value is offered to them by the “Dealer”. Potential prizes are shown as the games progress, with specific number balls eliminating those prizes from the contest, so the winner of the full house has a good chance to guess which amount is in the box. Players who have participated in the game can also be involved in a voting process, and there is a random jackpot in which all players who participate in the jackpot game get a share of the prize.

Silver Room – The Silver Room is an 80 ball game similar to that you might have played as an interlude game in a live bingo session or in an arcade at the end of the pier. Differing from the American version of bingo inasmuch as there are 80 balls rather than 75, the game is played on a 4×4 grid with prizes varying according to the game. Some games will offer prizes for one, two and three vertical lines plus the full house (all sixteen numbers covered), whereas others will offer prizes for the four corners, four centre squares or any diagonal line. There is plenty of variety and fun to be had in the Silver Room and the prizes are not bad either.

The Crystal Room and the Jade Room provide the same type of 90 ball bingo games as the Gold Room and the Sapphire Room – only at speed. In is what effectively turbo bingo, the action happens quicker and there is less time between games in which to purchase tickets. The games pile up thick and fast, which help with collecting bingo bonuses, but leave a little less time to chat. Both the Crystal Room and the Jade Room have progressive jackpots if the full house prize is won within a certain number of balls.

Each of the rooms has a mini-lobby facility which will advise you of which bingo games are about to start in other rooms, and which multiplayer side games are imminent. There is also a panel which will guide to the slots section of the web site, casino games and scratchcards, and as much as these are easily accessible from the Paddy Power Bingo home page, it is handy to have these quick links available to you.

Paddy Power Bingo Side Games

As well as indulging yourself in the wonderful selection of bingo games that are offered on the Paddy Power Bingo web site, there are also a number of excellent single and multiplayer side games to get involved with. New games and multiplayer games which are about to start are normally advertised in the side menu bars, but to access the full range of opportunities there is a “Play Games” button on the Paddy Power Bingo home page, which will take you to an easy to follow menu for either the single player games or the multiplayer games.

The single player games offer a huge choice of slots, scratchcards, casino games and hilarious novelty games. Frequently, the progressive jackpots on the slot machines exceed £/E 1 million, and if you love playing roulette, but are put off from playing online because of the size of the minimum bets you have to make, you will be delighted to learn that all bets on the Paddy Power Bingo roulette wheel start at just 10p.

The multiplayer side games on the Paddy Power Bingo site are generally based on the most popular virtual slot machines, with community jackpots paid out the most successful slot players during a specific time period. Players accumulate points depending on the value of their wins, and a leaderboard displays your position in the game and your potential share of the community jackpot. There are also roulette tournaments played as multiplayer side games, with the top players during an allotted period sharing a progressive jackpot in much the same way – but based on the points value of their roulette winnings.

Bingo Chat

Getting involved in the Bingo chat on the Paddy Power Bingo chat room can almost be as entertaining as the bingo itself! Like most bingo sites, Paddy Power bingo has chat room hostesses who keep the conversation flowing and add to the “buzz” by asking fellow “roomies” to post up how many numbers they require until the next prize is one and congratulating the winners on their success.

If you have never experienced a bingo chat room, it is something that should not be missed. On your first entrance into a bingo room, you are automatically asked to register a chat alias and this name is used to log you in to future chats. Your bingo chat alias has to be different from your registered user name for security purposes, but you are allowed to be as creative as you wish.

Much of the chat resembles abbreviations you would normally associate with mobile phone conversations, and if you are unfamiliar with terms such as “WTG” and “ROFLMAO” please review the chat section of our Bingo Glossary. Bingo has always been a social game, and the online version is no different. At Paddy Power Bingo there is a “GR8” community atmosphere, so don´t be put off by the “Bingo Lingo” and get involved with the chat.

Account Set-Up

Setting up an account with Paddy Power Bingo could not be simpler. You simply register your name, email address, date of birth (you have to be over 18 years of age to play on the Paddy Power Bingo web site), your preferred language and country of residence. Please note that players resident in the United States of America are not allowed to hold accounts with Paddy Power Bingo. Live help is available if you experience any problems at any stage of the registration process and if you intend using your PayPal account to fund your bingo gaming, your registration can be done in just one click.

The second step of your registration requires your home address and a contact telephone number. Your address is required for European money laundering regulations, but it is also useful for Paddy Power Bingo to have your home address so that when you win a major jackpot you can have the option of having the cheque sent to your home! It is also a good idea that they have your telephone number just in case you get disconnected when making an enquiry to them. We know from experience that they will not use it to cold call you.

The final step of the account set-up process is registering a “screen name”, a password, selecting the currency in which you would like to play (there is a choice of Euros or Sterling) and providing the answers to two security questions so that if you ever lose your password, Paddy Power Bingo will know that it is you actually requesting a replacement password. These are not the sort of security questions that would embarrass you if they were ever to be revealed on Facebook (which they won´t). You can pick which questions you want to answer and these include the name of your pet and your first car´s registration number (surely you remember that?).

Once these fields are completed, you have the option of signing up to the newsletters that contain some fabulous member´s only promotions and reading through the Terms and Conditions of using the site together with the Betting Rules that cover them. It is always recommended that you spend a few minutes familiarising yourself with the rules, although we can assure you that there are no nasty surprises amongst them and they are very similar to any terms and conditions you would find on any other site.

A confirmation email is sent to your email address and you also have the option of printing out the details you have entered to keep in a safe place. It is a good idea to save this email in a new email folder to keep with any other correspondence you sent to, or receive from Paddy Power Bingo. You are taken to the banking page where you are given several options to deposit funds into your account. You can use a credit or debit card (Visa, MasterCard, Switch, Lasercard, Solo or Maestro), transfer funds from an e-wallet or PayPal, use a PaySafe card, make a bank transfer or send a cheque through the post. Please note that if you use a MasterCard to pay funds into your account, you will not be allowed to withdraw your winnings to the same card. Those are MasterCard’s rules and nothing to do with Paddy Power Bingo.

Additional Features

Even with all the fantastic features listed above, there is still room for more. A video tutorial gives you a tour of the bingo rooms and how to use all the short cut keys. It also tells you how you can switch from private chat to public chat and chat with your buddies while you are playing in different rooms. There is a guide to playing the multiplayer side games and how to view multiple rooms at the same time, and an explanation of how to pre-purchase tickets for the bingo games in advance – essential if you want to be included in one of the huge jackpot games which are played at a time when you cannot be in front of your computer screen.

For anybody who experiences any difficulty navigating around the Paddy Power Bingo web site, there is 24/7 customer support available by telephone, email or a live chat facility, and Paddy Power were recently awarded the CCMA award for best use of technology. Not only was this due to their innovative choice of games and commitment to customer support, but also for fairness and security in gaming transactions and the protection of the bingo player.


Playing bingo on Paddy Power Bingo is a fantastic experience. You are going to have a laugh, enjoy your playing adventure and potentially win vast amounts of money. It could not be easier opening an account with Paddy Power Bingo, using their web site and benefitting from the generous welcome bonus and ongoing promotions. The only problem we can possibly imagine is what you play first – thoroughly recommended!

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