Ladbrokes Bingo Review

Ladbrokes Bingo SiteLadbrokes Bingo has to be one of the most comprehensive online bingo sites on the web, offering an incredible choice of bingo rooms to cater for every budget and the most amazing opportunities to win some fantastic prizes. Everything you could ever want from a bingo site that has won “Site of the Year” (courtesy of WhichBingo) is available at Ladbrokes Bingo and it is not surprising to learn that Ladbrokes Bingo was the fastest growing online bingo web site in 2009.

Many people will already be familiar with the Ladbrokes name from their presence in many high streets and recognise their corporate white on red logo. But did you know that Ladbrokes was originally founded in 1886 and is now the largest retail bookmaker in the world? The Ladbrokes web site now allows account-holding clients to switch between sports betting, a live casino, poker games, financial betting, a really fun games room and, of course, bingo!

Ladbrokes Bingo Welcome Bonus

Ladbrokes Welcome Bonus is a free £20.00 cash amount which is available to new players once they have deposited a minimum of £5.00 into their account and used it to purchase £5.00 of bingo tickets. Players have a week in which to spend the initial £5.00, so you do not have to go crazy spending it all in one session, and sometimes the Ladbrokes £20.00 Welcome Bonus will not appear in your account for a couple of days.

This is normal for Ladbrokes, who are very tight on security and just want to double check that you are a bona-fide customer before giving their money away. Once the Ladbrokes £20.00 Welcome Bonus has been credited to your account, you have 30 days in which to play as much bingo with it as you wish and, naturally, anything you win is yours to keep! Once you have become a member of Ladbrokes Bingo you can also participate in all the other fantastic promotions offered to every client.

Ladbrokes Bingo Ongoing Promotions

Being one of the leading online bingo sites in the industry, Ladbrokes are frequently changing their promotion schedule to keep the site looking fresh and appealing. Amongst their regular promotions are free bingo sessions, sessions with guaranteed prize money (particularly on Saturday evenings) and link sessions with other online bingo rooms offering the chance to win £000´s! As they say on the site “Staying in is the new going out!”

Two of the most popular promotions exist in the 90 ball bingo rooms, with the “Deal or No Deal” room – where players who win the full house prize are offered a cash bonus by the “banker” or can “open the box” to claim a special prize – and “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” – where every game offers the opportunity to win £1.000.000 if the full house is called within a certain number of balls. Even if you miss the million pound prize, a jackpot is available for up to 44 numbers – only decreasing in value with each ball that is drawn, rather than increasing as it would when a contestant on “Millionaire” gets the answer to a question correct. With voiceovers by Chris Tarrant, this really is a room not to be missed.

Winners at all levels of game can often receive additional “Golden Tickets” which are the gateway to a superb “Bingofest” celebrating specific holidays – for example on New Year’ s Day 2011, Golden Ticket holders will play for a full house of £2.011 – and there are many other ways in which players can qualify for free games. Watch out as well for bingo bonuses and cash awards available when playing some of the side games as these can make a big difference to your account balance!

Ladbrokes Bingo Rooms

Once you enter the bingo lobby, you have the choice of playing in one of the 90 ball bingo rooms, switching your game to a 75 or 80 ball bingo room or playing in one of the side games. It does not matter if you want to play several different types of game at the same time because you are able to manipulate the windows in which the games appear so you can see what is happening in all of them at the same time. Possibly your hardest decision will be where to start first!

90 Ball Bingo Rooms – As well as the “Deal or no Deal” and “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” feature rooms, regular 90 ball bingo is also played at different stake levels in “The Lounge”, “The Hall”, “The Bedroom”, “The Lucky Loft” and “The Attic”, with 90 ball speed bingo (no time to chat!) available in “The Garage”. All 90 ball bingo games on the Ladbrokes Bingo web site pay out on one line, two lines and a full house, and watch out for the “Fair for All” games, where there is a ceiling on the number of cards each player is allowed to purchase to give those on limited budgets an equal crack of the whip to win the prizes.

The Lucky Loft has a special consolation feature for those who miss out on a full house with 1TG (One to Go), and there are progressive “cash climber” jackpots for claiming a full house within 33 balls with a consolation prize of £1.000 if you manage to fill your card within 40 balls. Jackpots are paid out irrespective of the value you are playing bingo for, so you could win thousands even when playing for just pennies in The Attic!

80 Ball Bingo Rooms – 80 ball bingo is only available in “The Basement”, but it is an incredibly lively room. All games are played for 1 line, 2 lines, 3 lines and a Full House or Bingo. When you are playing for the 1 line prize, the prize can be won on any line (vertical, horizontal or diagonal) or the four corners or the four middle squares. Thereafter, prizes are awarded only for vertical (up and down) lines until the full house is won.

The Basement also has its own progressive jackpot feature. Players who achieve the full house within 32 balls can claim the “80 Ball Booster Jackpot”, and there is also a consolation “Basement Bonus” of £250.00 if you manage to complete your card within 36 balls.

In Ladbrokes 80 ball bingo, tickets are sold in strips of five cards. With each card having 16 numbers (4 rows down and 4 columns across), this means by purchasing a strip of 5 cards, you will have all 80 numbers that are going to be called. All you want to hope for now is that they come out in the right order for you!

75 Ball Bingo Rooms – 75 ball bingo is available in two formats at Ladbrokes Bingo. The “standard” version is played in the “The Snug”, where you can win prizes for getting horizontal lines (not vertical as in 80 ball bingo) filled on your bingo card, while the “Room With a View” hosts pattern bingo. For those unfamiliar with pattern bingo, a design (“Pattern”) is printed on the cards and the corresponding numbers that complete the design are those which you need to be called in order to win.

The pattern may be something as simple as an “X” going diagonally across the card or the image of a fish (for example). Watch out for what prizes are available in the “Room With a View”, as not all games are played to a full house. Some may finish when the pattern is completed and others will also offer prizes for the horizontal lines as well as the full house. There are plenty of ways of winning at Ladbrokes Bingo – you just need to be certain that you know the payout structure of each game before it starts.

A progressive jackpot is also available in both 75 ball bingo rooms, with a huge jackpot available for anybody who can fill their card within 42 balls and a £500 consolation prize is you manage it within 47. Tickets for 75 ball bingo are purchased in strips of three, and players can have up to 6 strips of tickets – effectively giving them 18 chances of winning a prize. 75 ball bingo is quick, exciting and well subscribed to on Ladbrokes bingo, so you can be sure that the prizes are worth winning!

Ladbrokes Bingo Side Games

When you are in the main Ladbrokes Bingo Lobby, you will see a tab alongside those for the 90, 80 and 75 ball bingo games marked “Special”. This is where you will find all the superb side games available on the Ladbrokes Bingo site.

Joker Jackpot is very similar to bingo, except played with a deck of cards (plus two jokers). Your “bingo” ticket is a 3×3 grid with nine different card values, and cards are drawn from the pack which you would mark off against your ticket. There are two prizes to be won in each game – one going to the player who is first to complete a “J” pattern on their card (middle vertical line and bottom left hand corner), and the other to the person who is first to completely fill their card.

Multi-Player Slot Games are where players compete against each other to acquire as many points as possible by playing on a specific slot. Ladbrokes have three different multi-player slot games – “Multi-Balls”, “Clover Countdown” and “Marine Mayhem”, where the price-per-spin starts from one penny. Large jackpots can be one by the player who reaches the top of the leaderboard within a certain time in these fast action, high-octane games.

Challenge Roulette is a roulette tournament with a difference. All players buying into the game are given an equal pile of chips, and how they choose to place them on the roulette is up to them. The players who have accumulated the most chips after a pre-defined number of wheel spins are declared the winners and share a percentage of whatever pool has been collected. Although you cannot determine where the ball will land on the roulette wheel, there is a lot of cunning and scheming going on just before the last spin of the wheel!

All the bingo rooms have “quick-links” to mini slot games, scratchcards and numbers games, as well as funds being transferable into other areas of the Ladbrokes web site – if ever there was not enough bingo to keep you occupied!

Ladbrokes Bingo Chat

The chat moderators on Ladbrokes Bingo do an excellent job of helping to build the atmosphere within each of the bingo rooms. Some are incredibly creative with their use of the keyboard to create cascades of money when winners pick up prizes or more recently (and appropriately for the UK) creating snow images. Roomies are encouraged to contribute and get involved in congratulating the winners and chat moderators also use the chat room facility to announced upcoming promotions and special offers.

Because Ladbrokes tends to pay bigger prizes than many of the other bingo web sites (as they have more players), when the really big prizes are on offer, certain chat rooms seem to be a little more subdued. However, in many of the smaller stakes games – and particularly up in the Attic – there are so many conversations going on, sometimes you don´t quite remember who it is you are talking to!

It is also advisable to know a bit of the Bingo Lingo in case you misinterpret “hagd” as an insult rather than “Have a Good Day”. So, have a quick look at our bingo chat glossary in the Online Bingo Tutorial before telling somebody you are going to be “afk” (Away from Keyboard) because you are “pmsl” (peeing myself laughing)!

Ladbrokes Bingo Account Set-Up

Ladbrokes makes setting up an account very simple, with an easy-to-follow procedure for completing the online registration and banking details. You will be asked to select a user name and a different chat name when first entering a bingo room, and these stick with you for all the time you are using the Ladbrokes Bingo site, so you should think carefully before committing to a name which you may later find embarrassing!

Ladbrokes offers a huge range of options for putting money into your account and withdrawing your winnings, and there is also a “live help” button or UK freephone telephone number to call if you get stuck at any stage of the process. The “My Account” section of the web site holds details of all your previous transactions, transfers between Ladbrokes sites (bingo, casino, poker, sports betting) and is also the area in which you can change your personal details and password (not user name though).

Ladbrokes Bingo Summary

Ladbrokes Bingo is the biggest and quite possibly the best, especially for players from the U.K. They offer a wider choice of rooms -which are open for longer each day than some other bingo web sites – and seem to have more players in them, generating bigger prize funds for the bingo winners. Players who enjoy the social side of bingo will find the cheaper rooms bristling with new roomies to talk to, and the variety of games will please the most demanding bingo player.

As well as all the variety, big winnings and fun to be had on Ladbrokes Bingo, there is the very generous and easy to redeem Welcome Bonus to get you going. Spending a fiver and opening the door to some of the Ladbrokes Bingo magic that is available seems a very small price to pay for the opportunities which exist, so get over to Ladbrokes Bingo without delay!