Bet365 Bingo Review

bet365 BingoBet365 is one of the simplest online bingo rooms to find your way around and get involved in some fantastic games of bingo. There are some unbelievable promotions available to players who sign up to Bet365 Bingo, including one of the best welcome bonuses on the Internet and their current “Dream Ticket Bingo” – which offers you the chance of winning millions of pounds for free on the Euromillions lottery. Hundreds of bonus prizes are given away every hour in the lively chat rooms and Bet365 Bingo has a fantastic player loyalty scheme, offering free bingo tickets and cash giveaways.

Bet365 is a UK sports betting web site, which has built up a reputation since its inception in 2001 for fair play, integrity and customer security. Based in Stoke, and registered with the UK Gambling Commission, Bet365 recently won the 2010 “Operator of the Year” award in the eGaming Operator Review Awards. As well as offering customers sports betting, the site provides online poker and casino facilities and, of course, Bet365 Bingo!

Bet365 Bingo Welcome Bonus

Bet365 Bingo welcomes all new players with a free £25.00 bonus once you have opened your account, deposited at least £5.00 and purchased £5.00 of bingo tickets (you can open accounts in other currencies as well if you would rather not play in Sterling). When you first register, Bet365 Bingo will send you an email with a special welcome code that you have to tap in when making your first deposit. You have to “play through” (spend) your deposit and bonus before you can make a withdrawal, but any money you make from your first £30.00 of bingo tickets is all yours!

New players who spend £5.00 before 9.00pm (UK time) any day, are also invited into the Premier Lounge at 10.00pm (UK time) that same day for ten free games of bingo with £100.00 of prizes available, and those that spend £10.00 in any given day are put on the “guest list” for the following days “Bingohead!” session in the First Class Room – with a guaranteed prize pool of £1.000.00. Of course, you are also invited to participate in any of Bet365 Bingo´s other ongoing promotions and their fantastic loyalty scheme.

Bet365 Bingo Ongoing Promotions

With online bingo becoming such a competitive market, the bingo sites offering the best bingo giveaways to accompany the best bingo experiences are the ones which you should look out for. Bet365 Bingo has one of the most potentially lucrative bingo promotions in their “Dream Ticket Bingo” promotion.

To get involved in the “Dream Ticket Bingo” promotion, you first have to opt in to the promotion and then for each £10.00 you spend on standard 90 ball bingo, you are placed into a syndicate of 49 players who share a line on each week´s Euromillions lottery. You can have up to thirty free entries each week, and any cash prizes won on the lottery – above 4 correct numbers – are shared out among the syndicate members. Prizes of 4 correct numbers or less are paid at the full amount (no sharing!) in Bingo Loyalty Points which go towards other superb benefits.

BOGOF Bingo (Buy One Get One Free) is quite a popular promotion amongst many online bingo sites, but Bet365 Bingo runs these promotions twice a day at different stake levels so that all bingo players can benefit from it. The monthly £1.000 “Cash Climber” is also incredibly popular amongst Bet365 Bingo players. The prizes in this series of 10 games increase as the series progresses, peaking at £250.00 in the final game. Tickets prices start at a penny each, and a consolation pot of £325.00 is shared out amongst all the players who failed to win anything – so great news if you win or lose!

Details of all of the wonderful current promotions can be seen if you click on the “promotions” tab of the Bet365 Bingo web site and scroll down through the list. This page also includes a weekly calendar of games, so you can see in advance when all the week´s big games are played and also at what times each day the bingo rooms link up to play for massive guaranteed jackpots.

Bet365 Bingo Loyalty Scheme

Bet365 Bingo operates an easy and straightforward loyalty scheme in which you are awarded “Loyalty Points” simply for playing bingo. 6 Loyalty Points are awarded for each £10.00 you spend on whatever type of bingo you choose, and can be saved up and redeemed for cash rewards or exchanged for bingo tickets. Each time you reach 500 points, you can exchange your points for bingo tickets up to the value of £5.00 or, if you save 1.000 points you have the option of redeeming them for £10.00 cash which is credited to your account.

Bet365 Bingo Loyalty Points are also awarded in the “Dream Ticket Bingo” promotion and given away as prizes in many of the chat room side games, so it may not take as long as you think to collect the points you need to enjoy even more bingo! In fact, you are likely to be having so much fun on the Bet365 Bingo games, that you will not even notice how many you have until a little pop-up box pings up your screen one day to tell you that you have qualified for a Loyalty Bonus!

Bet365 Bingo Rooms

Bet365 Bingo offer players eleven distinct bingo rooms in which to try their luck, with a mixture of low stakes and high stakes rooms, rooms with Joker Jackpot and Deal or No Deal bingo bonuses, and rooms which play 75, 80 or 90 ball bingo.

The Premier Lounge and First Class Room are where players who have qualified for the free bingo sessions get their rewards. There are also exclusive games which may be open to winners of the chat room side games or by invitation due to a special event – such as your birthday!

The Jetsetter, Safari and Orient Express rooms are will you will find 90 ball bingo being played to suit every type of pocket – although not all three rooms are always open depending on the time of day and traffic on the web site.

The Sun Seeker room is a glorious technicolour delight of 80 ball bingo, where the winning patterns can change with every game. Pay attention while you are having fun in the Sun Seeker room so you are cheering on the right numbers!

The Explorer and Rainforest rooms are where you will find the 75 ball bingo action, with a choice of stakes and speeds available depending on how fast you like to get through your games and much you like to stop for a chat!

The Joker Jackpot, Deal or No Deal and Crystal Balls rooms are where part of the cost of your ticket contributes to ever growing bonuses awarded to the winners of each game in the form of a feature game. These are a great deal of fun and “audience participation” is strongly encouraged by the chat room moderators.

All of the rooms have their own progressive jackpots if a full house is called within a certain number of balls. Generally, these are easier to win in the more social rooms because the number of balls required is higher, but more valuable in rooms such as the Jetsetter room where ticket prices cost a little more.

Bet365 Bingo Side Games

Bet365 Bingo has links from most rooms into the bingo casino where you can play roulette, blackjack or chikeno and also into a vast choice of slot games- many with huge progressive jackpots. There are also ongoing multiplayer slot competitions, where the player(s) accumulating the largest number of points within a certain time win some huge jackpots, and watching your position change on the leaderboard can be nerve-wracking.

Many of the best Bet365 Bingo side games take place in the chat rooms for free! The chat moderators are always giving away Bet365 Bingo Loyalty Points to players who know the answers to fun questions and song lyrics or who can even just pick a lucky number! Birthday Bingo is open to everyone – even if it is not your birthday – and if you can work out your anagrams (‘bafoollt’ seems to be a popular one!) you can win more Bet365 Bingo Loyalty Points.

Bet 365 Bingo Chat

The chat on Bet365 Bingo is extremely lively and well managed. The chat moderators in each room do a fantastic job of building the atmosphere before each game, and then keeping the tension flowing as each ball is called. Roomies are encouraged to post in the chat column which numbers they are waiting for, and there is always a tremendous round of congratulations to each winner. If you have never experienced a bingo chat room before, the experience alone is worth signing up to Bet365 Bingo!

The Bet365 Bingo chat rooms are very friendly and vibrant, but you should try to be at least a little bit familiar with the terms used online, or you may find that you get lost in a conversation. Bet365 Bingo has a glossary of terms in the community pages of their site, or if you would like a more comprehensive selection (and possibly some they may not be allowed to print!), head over to our own “Guide to Online Bingo” where you will find a more comprehensive Bingo Glossary.

Account Set-Up

Setting up an account with Bet365 Bingo is also straightforward (we said this site was simple right at the very beginning!). Bet365 Bingo need to know the basic stuff like your name (as it appears on your credit card or preferred method of payment), email address, preferred language (all the “chat” is in English), a user name that you would like to have and a 4-digit security number. You have to select a deposit method, although this can be later changed in the “Services” section of the web site and remember not to deposit any funds into your account until you get the welcome email with your bonus code on it.

For your own security (something else we have already mentioned Bet365 are pretty sharp on), you may be asked to use your security number rather than your password sometimes when you log in or make withdrawals from your account. It is a good idea not to use the same number as your PIN for your credit card, but something equally memorable. Please also note that if you fund your account with a MasterCard, you are going to have to set up a different way of drawing out your winnings. It is not difficult to do, but we just thought you had better know that first.


People who like to play uncomplicated bingo and enjoy a little chat with other players online will thoroughly enjoy Bet365 Bingo. The potential is there to win substantial amounts of money each day in the site´s “Linx Games” and you do not have to invest a lot of your own cash to get started due to the amazing free £25.00 Welcome Bonus. Bet365 also gives players the facility to purchase tickets for advance games they cannot be physically present for, but for the most rewarding experience sign-up, log on and play Bet365 Bingo!