Are ghost bingo players a real threat?

internetbingoWhen online poker was first introduced, many were wondering about the dangers posed by the so-called ghost players, which allegedly play for the poker rooms. There were many suppositions made regarding these players, with some claiming that they are professionals hired by the companies to make money on their behalf. There were some who went a step further and assumed that these are basically bots that are programmed to compete at multiple tables and there are given an unfair advantage over the field.

Most of these misconceptions have been ruled out and as a result of poker rooms being audited by prominent companies, many of these worries were put to rest. Those who play bingo games over the Internet are also wondering whether there are any ghosting of players out there and try to determine if they pose a real threat or not.

It took a while for players to take a leap of faith and leave the familiar environment where they used to compete against neighbors and people they knew. Trading this for the virtual arena was difficult but reasons such as convenience and the possibility of playing for less money eventually won the argument. In the absence of human interaction, and with nothing more than a checkbox to communicate with fellow players it comes as no surprise that some people expect the worst.

Online operators did their best to create a friendly setting for players to interact at multiple levels, but it is still very difficult replicate the one from a bingo venue. The idea that players are in fact competing against the house which is represented by these ghost players is frightening, because it makes it downright impossible to win. It makes perfect sense that if the operators sank to such lows as to use software to compete against players, they would also program the game itself to make the latter win often.

There is nothing wrong in investigating the issue and looking at the problem from different angles, but it is excessive to draw radical conclusions. You can never be 100% sure that the games are fair, but in order to mitigate the risks, it is recommended to choose those bingo rooms that have been around for a while. If reputation precedes them, have a lot of customers already and are regularly audited, it is less likely for them to risk it all by using unfair apps.